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11 Replies
dsterne - November 5

Has anyone taken Cymbalta for Fibro treatment. I have been on it for a month and it seems to be helping. I do get pains, but they seem to go away a lot quicker and are much less intense. I am just curious what other have experienced?
Fibro is weird because one day the pain can be the worst in the world and you can hardly walk and then all the sudden things get a little better and you feel crazy. like it was all in your head.


Fantod - November 6

Yes, I take a low dose of Cymbalta and it does help with pain. I still have days when nothing short of a five pound hammer up side the head is going to help. But overall, I think I am better with Cymbalta than without it. Take care.


Amyloo - November 12

Hi, I too, take Cymbalta. It has made the biggest difference for me. I will say though, that the 30 mg is too much for me, sent me very hyper and made my brain spin a bit.

I now take about 10 mg a day. It does help. It also helps me with my desire to participate in life, and not just stay in bed or my recliner. Amy


dsterne - November 15

wow. i am also hyper and my brain is spinning. I am taking 60 mg of cymbalta a day and i haven't been able to sleep at all. no matter how tired I am. no wonder. that's way too much. i should drop my dosage.


Amyloo - November 17


A dose of 60mg could definately be the source of that. Now, be very careful if you adjust this; you will need to drop the dosage slowly. Talk with your Dr. and let him/her know your issue and what you would like to do.

I have 30 mg capsules and open them up and dump the approx amount out, then recap it and take it. You may be able to reduce to about 45 mg for a week (you have to kind of eyeball it but you'll get it!) and then 30mg, etc. to whatever dose your dr. says. But go slow. I have heard that there can be some withdrawl issues with this med. God bless, Amy


dsterne - November 17

Thanks for the advice Amy. I am going to talk to my doc tomorrow.


geegee - November 17

I'm taking 60mg a day and I believe it's a bit too much. I take it in the morning and am sleepy all day. when its time to go to bed i'm wide awake. Can't win for losing. My Rhuematologist said it would be good for the nerve pain in my feet, and it really has. I ran out one day last week and went for 4 days without it. Every day I got sleeper and sleeper and very foggy. When I finally got a refill just one made the biggest difference. I was back to normal by the next day.
It is a wonder drug. I also take naproxin twice a day when I need it. I'm guessing I need to reduce my dosage because I am also on neurotin & Lortab for nerve pain. I have a regular med cabinet in my purse.


cannotaccept - November 24

Please please be careful with cymbalta. Comapired with effexor, the withdrawal symptoms are horriable. Im not trying to scare you; i just want to make you aware as no one did for me. I just went through a week of terror comming off effexor. DO research before your decent. check out " topix . com " forum discussions on cymbalta and effexor withdrawals. (this site will not let me post the url properly)


frangremlin - November 24

I have been on Cymbalta which helped for a while but I have also been put on Pregabalin which helped a while but now my Drs have doubled the dose along with pain patches. Now I basically have been told live with it! It's not all in your head I can assure you.


Analyn - November 26

I've tried about everything else, maybe I'll ask my doc about Cymbalta if the rest of you think it's any good, I'm stuck in an everlasting flare at the moment and would be grateful to try anything.


frangremlin - November 27

Cymbalta may help it certainly helped for a while it acts as a neuropathic blocker ~ good luck with it.I think the wet, damp & grey weather is not a great help for us fibroites at mo!!


Analyn - November 30

Yes, you may be right, since the weather has been so damp,I have seemed to be a lot worse



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