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OnaJourney - May 28

I have read messages on this site, as well as heard advice on medical shows, that Curamin helps treat the pain of fibro.

I have just tried a sample package of 3 capsules, which is not much of a sample! The sample says it is for occasional muscle pain due to exercise or overuse. This hardly describes the pain of fibro.

I am interested in knowing how you folks take this product - on an ongoing basis (with or without breaks); only when there is break-thru pain. The product says 1 capsule 3x per day. I heard on a show today to take it for 6 weeks and you will begin to see improvement between 10 days and two weeks.

Do you know of any contraindication with Lyrica or other supplements?

How do you recommend taking this product?



Fantod - May 28

I have taken Curamin made by Terry Naturally for (find it using Google) almost two years. I take one capsule in the morning and one at bedtime. I can actually take three a day but I find it sometimes upsets my digestive tract. So, I only take three when I absolutely need it.

I have underlying conditions in addition to Fibromyalgia (FMS) - advanced osteoarthitis and spinal stenosis. I am also extremely sensitive to weather changes due to FMS and the other problems.

Curamin is a spice and should not cause any problems. I take it without a break on a daily basis and find it to be very helpful. I've accidentally run out twice which made me sit up and take notice immediately. My overall pain level was much worse and very noticeable. Now I keep a back up bottle on hand at all times. I noticed a difference in how I was feeling in a matter of days when I started it.

I think that is important to use a very good product when it come to any supplements or vitamins. The brand that I use is highly purified and has received some awards for its effectiveness. You've got nothing to lose and posssibly some relief to gain by trying it. Good luck and I hope you find that it helps. Enjoy the weekend.



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