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VeryTiredPanda - March 26

I was admitted to the hospital for heart concerns and after being bounced from one doctor to another, informing each and everyone, that I have fibro I spent 2 days under observations and with them trying to see what is wrong. After seeing nothing wrong with the stress test yet another dr. that I had never seen came into the room to tell me the stress test was negative, my fibro was because I wasn't sleeping well and that once I start getting good sleep I will no longer have fibro. After being Shocked, Appalled, and needless to say Furious he left my blood boiling.

My reason for this rant is that I am wondering if aanyone else has heard such nonsense from a doctor and if so where and what recourse do I have to file a complaint against this doctor? I have never done this and if anyone can tell me how to proceed with filing a complaint agains a dr please let me know cause today was the straw that broke my brack.


Fantod - March 27

That's an easy answer. You contact the customer service department of the hospital where you were admitted. You must do this in writing. State the circumstances of your admission and what this doctor said to you regarding Fibromyalgia. Follow that up with how he made you feel.

He deserves to be censured for his uninformed and thoughtless comments. If he is censured, your letter and follow up comments from the Chief of Staff of the hospital will be entered into his permanent record. This is not something any future employer will take lightly.

I hope that you do follow up on this issue. Take care.


ItsmeWayne - March 27

Boy, that doctor sure had some nerve. What an idiot!
I don't have a plan for you, but I remember in the hospital a year ago, in a teaching hospital, the good doctor suggested I was faking it!(Munchousens)
I confronted her, right in front of the class she was teaching. She apologized in front of them, but that was not good ebough for me! I freaked out on her and they sedated me, because my blood pressure went through the roof!
Like I wanted to be in a place that was starving me and not fixing what was really wrong with me. It was 7 days of hell! It was a teching hospital in NYC.
Itsme Wayne


axxie - March 27

The best thing is like Fantod said, call customer service in writing and lay it out in black and white and follow up and write in the letter that you want to know what they will do about this kind of nonsence.

I just went to my board for my hearing and the doctor all ready had his mind made up, so when the decision came in, I was not surprised. I knew just they way this doctor was asking the questions and how he didn't listen to me. He actually dismissed fibro with what is it and I don't know anything about people who are depressed, it's all in the mind, right? That was in claim.

So now I have file again, I have to start the ball rolling once more. When I was sitting in front of this doctor, I just wanted to strangle him, with his know it all attitude, and I'm getting paid by this company and I'm going to deny you, because I don't give a damn what you have attitude and well I don't have problems and you are the one who is left holding the bag, with just cookie crumbs in it. I'm also p..... off, and yes I'll also complain, I sometimes wonder about these so called expertise.... only working for the benefit of the pocket the big corporation.

Good luck to you


kingstongirl - April 11

Sleep deprivation makes fibro worse.


kingstongirl - April 11

The doctor was referring, i think, to a sleep study done on college students where they were awakened multiple times each night for days on end. They developed fibromyalgia.

Losing Stage 3/4 sleep does this. It is our restorative stages where our muscles and tissues heal and where memory and learning and attention get recharged too. If we don't get this sleep, we get sick b/c our Cytokines go up, and we also get immune and endocrine dysfunction.



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