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cramps and spasms in the hands
7 Replies
owee - November 10

I'm wondering if anyone out there has the problem of major cramps in the hands. My right hand started with the forefinger cramps, which are really difficult to straighten out, and has moved to the next two-just the pinky left!
Anytime I try to reach behind me or try to retrieve something from the floor such as a small item, I get these painfully excruciating cramps that are tough to straighten out! If you suffer from these please let me know. It's so hard to get diagnosed these days when you live in a small town.


Fantod - November 11

Have you tired eating a banana a day to see if th helps. Cramps are usually associated with low potassium levels. Take care.


ptalana - November 11

Hi owee, My hands are extremely painful as well. Last summer my doc sent me for a bone scan which indicated arthritis in my hands, knees, and hip. My fingers have gotten so bad that they are now starting to bend downward and some knuckles are extremely swollen. I can't tell you how many glasses, dishes, knick knacks...I've broken, I can't seem to grasp anything anymore. I guess my hand modelling days are over lol:)
I would suggest that you try to get in to see a rheumatologist as soom as you can. Your gp should be able to help you with a referal. I also agree with Fantod regarding the banana a day. A banana a day keeps the fingers at play, lol!!! I know, I know how lame (gotta have a sense of humour).
Wishing you better days, Patty


Canada17 - November 11

I get those cramps in my feet and toes, very painful. In my hands I get a pinched nerve thingy when I grab stuff. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it feels like something in my hand has snapped and it causes this sharp pain in my hand and wrist and leaves me with a tingling sensations for a few minutes. It happens more with my right hand, than my left, but I think that is just because I am right handed and naturally grab things with my "stronger" hand.

I have heard that "charlie horses" in your legs (which I sometimes get as well) can be caused by low potassium.

My doctor suggested I take magnesium and calcium supplements because as it turns out they have found some new information regarding the way people with FM process oxygen in their muscles. The mitochondria in your muscles are supposed to utilize oxygen to produce energy, however, in people with FM our mitochondria appear to utilize carbon dioxide. This causes excess lactic acid build up in our muscles and explains why we tend to have so much muscle fatigue and burning after very little exercise.


brooksidefarm - November 11

Hi owee. I have the same problem. Also in my feet and toes. Bananas do not make a difference, but I have a very very low Vitamin D level I found out about a couple weeks ago, and after 8 weeks of treatment will have potassium and a couple other things checked. Anyway, the cramping is not unusual for me.


michelle J - November 14

my hands do this all of the time ,I often drop objects because of the problem with my hands . sometimes I know to use both hands other times I forget .


katrinalove_1 - November 15

Hi owee, I also have severe hand and finger cramps. I have osteoarthritis in both hands. I dread sending out Christmas cards because my fingers always cramp up when I wright. I have had fibromyalgia for many years and maybe the cramps are caused by the fibro. Hope you can get some relief. God Bless.


KateT1969 - November 16

Love magnesium - cant sing its praises enough for FMS and normal things - wow banana too ? awesome thanks. I am gettingpins and needles last two fingers on my hand at the moment getting ct tomorrow - least they will find a brain in there !!



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