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cramping or pain in rectum (embarrassing :/)
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kaime66 - April 30

Does anybody experience pain or cramping of the rectum...especially after a bowel movement? I also have pain that runs down the back of my legs and into my's crazy! Sometimes it's lasts the whole day...I will get up in the morning feeling fine until I have to go to the bathroom. Then it will start...on and off throughout the day.


kvc33 - May 3

Sounds like the nerves in your rectum are sensitive and a bowel movement sets of pain that then travels to your legs and feet. A chiropractor might be able to help you with that by adjusting your pelvis. Mine told me that a diet too high in fat could cause rectal pain. Also, are your stool easy to pass and do you go at least twice a day?


kaime66 - May 7

Thank you kvc33 for responding...It is easy to pass and yes I do go at least twice a day. I think I may have hemorroids also


tdennisanp - May 11

This is spasm in the levator ani muscle. It is quite common in FM patients.
Muscle relaxants such as Flexeril may help as well as magnesium.


nikita3 - May 13

I used to get this happening quite often and at first I was wondering whether it was something serious like bowel cancer. But then my partner told me that it can happen to anyone at times, that it is a muscle spasm. Reading the message from tdennisanp above, it made me think that, yes, magnesium really helps with this. I went from having the problem once or twice a week to now being able to go a month or two without experiencing a 'spasm'.


tdennisanp - May 13

I did a prior post regarding levator ani muscle spasm. Make sure that a healthcare provider does a sigmoidoscopy and/or colonoscopy to rule out hemorrhoids, colon polyps, or a mass. An MRI of your low back is a good idea as well. This is just medically-prudent to do so. But, yes, what you are experiencing if very commmon symptom in FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome).


kaime66 - May 13

Thank you all for responding...I have been under a lot of stress lately, more than the baby just graduated high school :)... so I was thinking this was a fibro "spell" seems to be getting better.



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