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mypain - April 30

Does anyone have cramping issues? My worse are feet and hip areas...

Thank you


ptalana - April 30

Hi mypain, my experience seems to be more in the way of spasms. My feet lately have been extremely painful, as that they have both started posturing outward, my toes have begun to separate and also are leaning outwards. As with many of us Fms sufferers I've developed Arthritis in my hips, knees, and hands so pain seems to be a daily occurrence.
Trying to be as active as you safely can is extremely important. Keeping the blood flowing and circulating is imperative. I have found yoga, and pilates to help with this.
Hope today finds you well, Patty


fibromite.u.k. - April 30

Hi, I have cramp very badly. Mostly in my legs when I am almost screming from pain, this happens usually at night. Then I often get cramp in my toes, this usually happens when I move after having been sitting for quite a time, or if I move from kneeling down. When this happens, my toes go upwards and stiff in a sort of spasm. I also sometimes get cramp at the sides of my stomach when I am walking and sometimes I get it very badly around my heart and up into my neck and jaw. When this first happened I was rushed into hospital being suspected of a heart attack but numerous tests showed that it was cramping of the muscles. When I was a lot younger than now, I used to sometimes wake up with cramp in my legs to such an extent that I couldn't walk properly all day and the pain continued for a few days. My doctor never seemed to take much notice, even when I hobbled in with my legs bent up and in obvious bad pain. This is one of the reasons that I think that I have had fibromyalgia for many years and not just the few that I have been diagnosed. Cramp is one of the most painful conditions you can have. One funny experience I had was when I was on holiday in Italy, seven years ago, I woke up at three in the morning with the worst cramp in my legs that I have ever had, I was screaming out to stop it and my husband and son were running around and trying to massage my legs etc, I was first shouting to them to stop doing it and then shouting for them to do it again and this went on for some time. The following morning, several people in the rooms near to us, were talking about what was going on in the night with a woman screaming and shouting to do it and not to do it. I didn't say it was me, as I felt so embarassed.


Fantod - April 30

Try taking about 825 mg of Malic Acid (tablets) a day. You can find it in any decent health food store. Make sure you understand how to use it and any risks associated with it. It should help with twitching and cramping muscles. Take care.


kentucky girl - May 1

I also had severe cramping in my back and in my throat. It started in my esophagus in the center of my chest and progressed up into my throat. I too thought that it was a heart attack, but numerous tests showed that my heart was okay. I started taking 400mg of magnesium daily and it has helped tremendously. You can purchase it at any pharmacy OTC or at a health food store. I am at the point of trying anything that may relieve my symptoms.


Noca - May 1

My gut is what is cramping the majority of the time. I always feel my stomach being sick. Adds to my chronic pain. joy...



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