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CPP & insurance disability question from Canada
8 Replies
db - November 23

Hi there. Just found this site today and am hoping I can get some help with disability questions.

1. Personal insurance disability - obtained coverage for the first 2 years as policy states "unable to perform my job". After 2 years however, policy states the only way to continue receiving benefits is "to be unable to do ANY job". By the sounds of it, I would have to stop breathing to qualify. Any suggestions?

2. I am in the appeal process for CPP disability. Ater much reading, it seems almost impossible for a person diagnosed with fibro to qualify. Again, any suggestions?



axxie - November 23

HI db, know how you feel, I'm in Ontario and I'm having problems also. I did find this, that may help you..... Are you in Ontario or another province?

What can I do if I do not understand, or I disagree with, a Canada Pension Plan or Old Age Security decision that affects me or a loved one?
Contact Michael J Gyovai Paralegal Services

You may request an explanation or a reconsideration of any decision that affects your eligibility or the amount of your Canada Pension Plan benefit. The request for reconsideration must be made in writing to the Minister of Human Resources Development Canada within 90 days after receiving a decision. If you disagree with the decision of the Minister, you may appeal, again within 90 days, to the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals. Paralegals are able to represent a client on Canadian Pension Plan and Old Age Security matters with the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals, provided that the authorization is signed by the client, and contains the contact information for the paralegal's office.

Each of these stages in the reconsideration and appeal process may take many months to complete and has very specific requirements of both you and the Minister. Following is a more detailed description of each stage:

First-level appeal
Second-level appeal

You can obtain further information regarding appealing to the Office of the Commissioner on our website at ocrt dot gc dot ca or go this person, Michael J. Gyovai

Good luck, and let me know how things are


Noca - November 23

I am on ODSP not CPP in Ontario. I can remain on it as long as I want for life. I was considered to have a "significant disability" by the review panel. My formal disability isn't even chronic pain, its for an anxiety disorder I have.

At first they told me my status had to be reviewed every 2 years. 2 years came and went and I never had to prove my disability or talk to anyone.


Canada17 - November 24

I would be careful, Noca, they have a tendency to overlook things and then revoke status because you didn't keep up with the paperwork.

I would just hate for you to have to fight to prove that you don't owe them any money and that you are still entitled to your benefits. Especially considering your disability involves anxiety.


Noca - November 24

If they ever deny me disability for anxiety I would just get disability for my bone disease, which is indisputable and can be seen even without an x-ray.


db - November 24

Thanks Axxie. I`m in Ontario. Are you currently appealing CPP.


db - November 24

Thanks Noca. How does a person apply for ODSP.



axxie - November 24

The program provides eligible people with disabilities with financial help and employment support. If you want to apply, you must be from Ontario, apply at the Ministry of Community and Social Services. You can google and read if you meet the eligibility criteria.


axxie - November 24

db, be careful about appeals, if you need to qualify for disability, then as a person, you need to contact them and ask them, if you need to provide papers. You don't want to have problems and be denied payments and fight it in court, this will cost you your life savings.



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