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Court Date finally!!!
5 Replies
catmom50 - December 18

I finally received a date for my SSDI hearing. It will be in March 2009, exactly 3 years from my original application. I can't wait.


Sonja44 - December 19

Congratulations! I'm still waiting...but the 3 year wait you had makes my 1 and 1/2 years seem like nothing. Here's to waiting :-)
Good luck!


Sonja44 - December 23

LOL. I got the call today that they are getting ready to set my SSDI court date. Wow, you're good luck!


jadiegirlcat - December 29

I have a question about how one realizes they need diability? Some days I'm good some days I can't walk. I moved To Wisconsin from Indiana 2 years ago work as substitute which is great because then I can decide when to work. I used to work full time and I used my alloted sick days every year. If one applies for disability can one still work part time? I guess I need to find out if the (1-3 year) wait is worth it?


Clay2Fame - January 15

Hello all,

I'm new here but this topic is for me as I just had my disability
appeals hearing. Right now, I think I've done everything possible to
prove my case. It's been a long road, I've done the best I can to
explain to doctors (including a rheumatologist), a lawyer and now a
judge why I feel I can no longer work. Of course there are things I wish
I had said differently or been able to express more accurately but at
least I've tried. As anyone with fibro knows, it's incredibly difficult
to convey the depth of symptoms it creates and the randomness in which
they occur.

I was diagnosed with fibro just over 3 years ago, first by long-time
family doctor, then by a second opinion doctor and then by a
rhematologist. I still find it amazing in which this illness affects my
life on a day to day basis. My pain/soreness/stiffness is generally in
my neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, elbows rib cage and lower back and
causes extreme fatigue. I've had elevated SED rate tests 3 out of 4 of
my last bloodwork results, one time it was over 100 (normal range being
0-20). No matter how much I sleep, when I am able to sleep that is,
relieves the intense fatigue. It's horrible. Some days I can't do much
of anything. The pain gets very bad. I've had a hard enough time trying
to explain this to my own family, let alone a lawyer and a judge.

I'm feeling more discouraged than optimistic at this point that I will
be approved for disability. It almost feels like the system is set up to
run you down and force you to jump through numerous hoops. It doesn't
feel like fibro is taken as seriously as it should be. This is only my
opinion of course. Just because those with fibro have varying symptoms
from person to person and just because there is no definitive test to
"prove" ourselves we're made to feel by some that it's all in our heads.
I know this is not in my head.

I don't know how my case will turn out, I'm very scared what will happen
if I'm denied. I don't know how long I'll have to wait to learn the
outcome, but I pray it is in my favor as I can absolutely no longer
work. It (fibro/fatigue) certainly doesn't allow one to be reliable to
an employer. I wish anyone else who's going down this road of trying to
get disability much luck. We've got a battle on our hands to say the

Can someone please answer this: is it common for doctors to write down
arthritis with fibro when filling out paperwork? IOW, that arthritis
carries more weight if trying to obtain disability. I always thought
arthritis was referring to bones while fibro refers to muscle and tissue
for the most part. Also, how much of an impact does concentration ability affect how they decide your case? I have fibro-fog sometimes but not significantly... not where it interferes with most things. I can concentrate on watching tv or reading or whatever. It's the pain/soreness and severe fatigue plus chemical sensitivity where my problems are.

Sorry if this post was long. It's just nice to have found a forum where
it seems other people may understand what I'm going through.


Fantod - January 15

I'd recommend that all of you go to the Allsup website if you are rejected for disability. A friend of mine used them. She has Fibromyalgia and Sjogren's. If they take your case, they do everything. She got her disability in 6 months on the first try. I was amazed as I know how difficult it can be to be approved.



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