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Could viral infection have triggered my fms/cfs symptoms?
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stevekc - October 21

5 years ago i was a relatively fit person and used to jog 3 days a week ,sometimes running 6 miles at a time. Then i picked up a virus and i just could not shake this off .Looking back now i have realised that instead of resting my body and giving it a chance to recover properly , i was foolish and continued exercising prolonging the virus and doing my body untold harm . Nowadays i just have to accept that my running days are behind me because any fast movement of my upper and lower body would result in me experiencing acute neck and shoulder pain ,migraine proportion headaches that would last for a few days before the pain starts to subside ,also leg stiffness ,fatigue,lightheadedness and tiredness . Gardening is about my limit in terms of exercise these days but even that can bring on the above - 30 mins was my limit last sunday ,i had over done it ,had to come in ,had to lie face down on my bed and could not move for about an hour ,my face was burning with redness, my underpants were soaked in sweat and had to be changed of course , i was exhausted . Can anybody relate to what iam talking about and the miserable way i feel most of the time?


TNUtammy - October 21

Steve, that's exactly how my CFS started too. I was a very active high school student until I caught a virus that lasted for weeks on end, even though I spent plenty of time resting. It kind of sounds like you seem to think that the virus was prolonged because of your own actions (or inaction), but from my experience the resting and taking care of myself while I was sick did not help one bit. I went to the doctor several times and was just told that it was a virus so they couldn't prescribe any medication, and that it should wear off soon. It dragged on for over a month so I was tested numerous times for mono, but the results were always negative. I never did regain my energy and went through an unbelievable amount of fatigue through the rest of my high school years. It seemed to go away about the time I decided to start college, but I apparently pushed myself so hard at school that it came back - only this time with severe widespread pain. I was then diagnosed with FM, but I kind of think that both the fibro and CFS are related and that I probably had them both from the start. They may even be the same thing, since even doctors admit that they are not sure what causes either or how to treat them. That last part might not be very encouraging, but I hope that you can find some consolation in the fact that you are not the only one this has happened to.


JJ1 - October 22

Stress to the body such as caused by a virus could certainly be a trigger. Emotional stress was my trigger.


TNUtammy - October 22

There's also a theory going around that a person might even be born with these conditions but just did not have any symptoms until some kind of trauma was experienced. So in this case either we contracted a virus that caused our symptoms to manifest themselves, or the virus-like symptoms came about because of the newly manifested condition.


melvian - October 30

Viral and Bacterial Infections have been known to trigger fibro. I had ecoli of the bladder 7 years ago and not to long after my symptoms became alot worse. Be rest assured you are not alone.



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