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Sadie06 - July 23

Hi there. I'm 30 years old and I have a ten month old baby. For the last six months I've been having severe joint/muscle pain that no doctor can find an answer to. Some days are good so I do all I can that day and then pay for it the next. After seeing two rheumys they both came to the conclusion that I should try Lyrica. My husband is mad because he feels that Fibro is just some made up thing that doctors label a patient with when they can't find the true answer to the problem. So he wouldn't respect that diagnosis. On top of that I hear that Lyrica can cause massive weight gain almost immediately and I already need to lose 60 pounds. So I don't know what to think or do. Lately each morning when I get up and attempt to get downstairs every joint and muscle seems so stiff and tight that just going down stairs is beyond painful and I dread it. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes for things to calm down...for awhile. Anyway-any suggestions, help - I'm all ears....Thanks.


Fantod - July 24

I am very sorry to hear your news. Have you asked your husband to take a look at this website? Dealing with fibromyalgia is hard enough without having immediate family members pooh-pooh a diagnosis from two medical professionals. Your husband can be as mad as he likes but that is certainly not helpful to you especially when a new baby is involved. He may just be scared but in any case his attitude is disrespectful to you and your health issues. I would be extremely hurt by this if I was in your shoes. Most of us have experienced this with family members to one degree or another. Fibromyalgia can be a lonely medical problem. You are right to be concerned about weight gain with Lyrica. That is a commmon side effect. Has ayone suggested Amitriptyline for sleep? Muscles become extremely sore without proper rest. Cymbalta is also used to treat chronic pain. I take 30 mgs a day and it has helped. On top of that, I also use 100 mg of Gabapentin for nerve pain. I would try the Lyrica and the minute it doesn't help or you start to gain more weight ask your doctors to make a switch. Only certain classes of medication seem to work for fibro and they are usually in the antidepressant family. Take some time to go through the postings on this site. There is a lot of good infomation available. Knowledge is power. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


ibritz - July 25

Fantod's suggestion to get this site to your husband it good. I emailed it to my husband, mom, and kids. I don't know if they looked at it, but you have provided the info. More than likely, he'll check it out. Send something to him every few months, be it an article or whatever. Also there is some neat info on the family section. Good luck!


goldilox - August 10

Hi Sadie :)

Great advice from Fantod and Ibritz to introduce your husband to this site.

Regarding the mornings, you could try a hot bath first thing before attempting to go downstairs. Hope that helps a bit.

Can't really reccomend any meds as none of the ones I tried worked for me.

Most importantly - take care of yourself as you would a loved one who is unwell. Be really gentle and kind with yourself.


ibritz - August 11

I had a rough time about a year ago with some personal issues. The dr put me on cymbalta - not for pain but for depression. I couldn't believe it helped my pain. Since I've found this site, I am amazed by all the people that say how much Cymbalta has helped. I'd check with the dr about trying that. I, too, have weight I need to loose, but my problem with the Lyrica, was that my feet & ankles and lower legs swelled up about 2-1/2 times their normal size. Then I couldn't walk. That happened after the first week.



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