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Could use a good ear and some advice (Fantod)
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sherrodguy - December 15

You seem to be packed with knowledge which is very useful to me.
In a nutshell, IF you remember reading my previous posts and happen to recall the history of how I came to be diagnosed with is the additional information I could use some pointers on. Sorry for it being so lengthy.

Monday I went for my MRI. I considered it being the last step in finding out what is truely wrong with me. They called me yesterday morning with the results. I have (in simple terms) a buldging disc in the very lowest part of my back and another one in my mid-back. The lower buldge has was initially found back in 2003. There was never any surgery performed, just physical therapy and chiropractic care.
This is causing me very significant pain, and after reading MUCH information on FMS I am wondering if it's possible that my injury has created FMS as seeing as how I do have many of the additional symptoms of it.
I am one of those people that "push through the pain" simply because things have to get done. Sweeping and mopping the floor of my home will put me out of commision completely the following day. I do experience DAILY pain, sometimes that is so very hard to endure. But as I read some of the other posts, I find that FMS sufferers tend to describe the pain as flu like. I would describe MY pain as muscles aching like they would the next day after a good long hard workout.
When I stretch, there will be pain shoot through me so horribly that it knocks the wind out of me.
I realize that FMS and these buldging disc can kind of mimic each other and so I have decided to take my MRI results to a terrific rhuematologist and see if I have one, or both of these problems.
Could you give me some input?



Fantod - December 15

Hi Ang - Yes, your back problem could have absolutely precipitated the onset of FMS. That is exactly what happened to me. I had a disc fail in my lower back and the resulting pain was more than my already overworked (advanced osteoarthitis,TMJ, stress) nervous system could handle.

Your description of pain is another of many analogies used to describe FMS. Some people report that they feel like they have the flu, bruised all over or having had the workout from hell at the gym. Stretching may simply be setting something off in your back. It could be an annular tear in one of the discs. If the fluid from a disc leaks onto the nerve pathways the pain can be terrific.

I don't feel that a rheumy is the best person to reveiw your MRI. You should be seeing an orthopedist or a pain specialist with an interest in FMS. My pain specialist was able to sort out the origin of my back and leg pain from the FMS and give me some additional medication that has helped.

Ang, if you continue to push through the pain you are going to create more problems for yourself. This is one of the hardest lessons to learn when it comes to dealing with FMS. A clean house does not have to be done in one day. And sometimes, it just has to wait. You must listen to what your body is telling you or you will end up in bed for days, a week or longer.

I would ask for the one or both of the following things for back pain. The Flector Pain Patch is NON narcotic and only works where it is applied. I find it very effective when my back is really acting up. Another option is a cream called Ketoprofen. This has to be made up by a compound pharmacy. I use a 20% solution with lidocaine added. You must always apply this cream to clean warm skin. Use it after a shower or use rubbing alcohol first. NEVER layer it. You can add a layer (I love this part) of saran wrap for NO more than 2 hours to help the cream absorb. Compund pharmacies are everywhere. If one is not convenient to your home the script can be called in and the medication mailed to you. Most insurance companies will limit the number of Flector patches that you can use in a calendar year hence my suggestion for both items.

You could also try Curamin which is a spice. For this application, it comes in a highly purified form in capsules. I use a brand made by Terry Naturally twice a day for breakthrough pain. I find it really helps in tandem with my prescribed medication.

Ang, I think you already know that you have FMS. It is very difficult to accept a diagnosis of chronic illness. It could be much worse. We are all here to lend support and help you through the process of learning to live with this syndrome. I hope that my comments have cleared up some of your questions. If you need help with anything else, I would be very pleased to try and clarify any additional questions. Take care.



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