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Could this be FM????? Please help!!!
4 Replies
lissa6626 - December 16

This all started a few months ago. I was a few weeks of severe insomnia and night sweats. PCP advised me to start working out 2x a day. I was feeling better. Then, I started noticing that my limbs would fall asleep easily and were difficult to "wake up." I kinda dismissed it. Then I have progressively gotten worse muscle cramps in my calves and arches of feet. I attributted it to lack of potassium as I had stopped eating bananas. Then on the Thanksgiving Day, my left arm was tingling from upper arm to fingertips. I went to ER and got no answers. Tingling continued in left arm mostly, but also in rt arm and feet mildly. Now I have sore and tired muscles. I feel exhausted and crazy. Tingling comes and goes, but the neck, back and hip muscle pain seems to be more chronic now. Lt arm feels like a blood pressure cuff on it and palm muscles hurt. I just want to sleep all the time. Joints ache some, too. I was freaked out that I have HIV but tests are negative. I have an appt. tomorrow with a neurologist. Please help! What is wrong with my body????BTW- I am 30 WF.


solanadelfina - December 16

Have you been to see a rhuematologist yet? If you suspect you might have fibro, they're usually the best ones to go see for a diagnosis. A lot of the symptoms match up, but it's still important to go see one to be certain since they can be attributed to other things as well.

If it is diagnosed and you can get started on a good program, you can start getting it under control. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.


lissa6626 - December 16

No, I haven't seen a Rheumatologist yet. I made appt. with neuro when I was experiencing more of the tingling. Now I am having more muscle pain and stiffness with fatigue. My fatigue and stiffness is worse in the am. Is FM excrutiating or can it be more mild pain? I am not experiencing terrible pain, but I know something isn't right. I will keep u posted. Thanks!


myself - December 17

If your doc doesn't belive in fibro, be sure to find one that does. I was diagnosed by other doctors, my rhummy thinks it is a joke.


solanadelfina - December 17

There are some things you can do now that might help with the pain and stiffness until a diagnosis is made. My own fibro has been getting worse with winter and snow coming down, and was lighter in the summer. There are good days and not so good days.

Do you have a heated mattress pad? My aunt told me to get one and it's absolute heaven crawling into that on one of my bad days, especially when it's freezing outside. It also lessens the stiffness and aches in the morning somewhat. I got mine at Wal-mart.

Hot baths are also wonderful for cramps and pain. There are many yummy salts out there to add, especially the ones with lavender, or even bubble bath if you want something a little more fun. There are a number of bath mix recipes out there on the Internet, including a hot chocolate one, for something different.

A gentle massage can also help. There are little rubber-tipped massagers that often come in bath sets, and just some light pressure from that on whatever's hurting can be extremely beneficial. Just be careful, because too much pressure will make it worse.

Lastly, do you wear shoes with good support? I was also having pain in my feet and finally went out and bought some cute Dr. Scholl's shoes with the insoles built-in. That made a huge difference with my feet and back.

Best of luck with the appointment. Take care.



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