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Could this be Fibro?? HELP
4 Replies
Christie - August 18

Ok well I have been in this eternal quest to figure out what the heck is wrong with me and no doctor can seem to pin-point it. Very aggravating! I have a constant cough...severe chest pain, mainly on my right side and wraps around to my back. I wake up in the morning very sore and no matter what type of activity I do during the day, it always wipes me out and I'm down for the next day. I'm exhausted all the time and could sleep forever if I had the chance. My ribs hurt and I feel like I'm extremely fragile and weak feeling. And I have shortness of breath and constant headaches to where I'm eating advil by the bottle every few days which is not good on my stomach, I know. I'm at the end of my rapidly fraying rope to figure out what is wrong with me. Some docs say I have Costochondritis, I had pleurisy last year followed by severe upper respiratory infections and now I'm just a mess internally because of the trauma to my chest cavity. My mother has Fibromyalgia and I'm worried that it could be genetics and how do I find out if I have the same thing? Help in Ohio.... :(


jessica - August 15

hi Christie, its amazing how much your story sounds like mine. it all started with crazy pains in my chest too. I have struggled w/ a cough now for 2 yrs. of course all tests are clear & they can find nothing wrong. I was told I had costo to begin with & then after a while my symptoms progressed & kept switching & changing. I looked for an answer for 3 yrs!!! finally I was told I had myofascial pain (chest & shoulders) & fibro. the whole thing was very scary for me. my mom has fibro too. please read the post "anyone with fibro here 20-30?" there is some stuff said there that I wish I would have read when I was where you are now. take care, jess.


marlie - August 17

hi Christie, please read the other posts by others like yourself who feel this way, all of them ask if this could be fibro etc... especially read the one about FM for 20-30 year olds I think it could help you. Im sorry you're feeling so terrible. I know how it feels. take care :)


nardwar - August 18

SOMATIZATION DISORDER: the patient has symptoms rather than fear of a particular illness. stress, depression and anxiety converted into physical symptoms that have little or no organic basis. however these symptoms are real and not imagined. this can last for many years and come in many forms and rarely disappear completely without psychotherapy


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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