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Could it be fibromyalgia
2 Replies
mbfibroGal - October 19

I have been in pain for over 3yrs now. I have had blood tests and I have some type of Rheumatic disorder, but they cannot figure out what it is. The pain has come in different forms, TMJ and severe neck & face pain. I can complain about pain on any part of my body as I am in constant pain, but the worst is always my neck, right side of my face and right shoulder/arm/elbow/hand. I have LOTS of headaches. I do not have energy to play with my daughter as much as I use to and I have NO memory anymore. I cannot sleep anymore (or sleeo VERY little.)

The Dr's all tell me it is only stress and I should figure out how to handle the pain and stress myself. I am trying to turn to home remedies for pain, but when I have a "flare-up" I can hardly even stand to live my daily life.

Can someone tell me if this could be fibro or is it all really "just in my head"?!!


axxie - October 19

Hello mbfribroGal, maybe you don't have fibro, that would be good.

As I see it, you need to investigate this rheumatic disorder that you have, find the name of it, go for a second or even a third opinions. Don't stop until you find a valuable diagnose that you can trust.

As for sleeping, you can ask your doctor to give you sleeping pills to help you. If you are not having restorative sleep, your pain and stress go hand in hand if there is no sleep.

You can try melotonin that you can buy at the any health or pharmacies, some people swear by it. Another thing that you can do, is take Benadryl for allergy, the active ingredient is Diphenhydramine or just hydramine this is a main ingredient in all of the over counter sleeping aids. Only take, when you are sure that you have checked the possible side affects of your other medications.

Memory, the pain, not being happy or being able to care for your child, all goes with not having restorative sleep. Depression sets in and then the longer you are without sleep and chronic pain, the longer it will take to get you comfortable.

Try to take a walk in the fresh air, this helps with the brain as well as helping you sleep at night. Until then, you have several methods for you to take to help you with sleep.

Like I said, you owe it to yourself to figure out what you have, even if that means you, changing doctors.

And yes, again, maybe you do have fibro, but only a rheumy or a neurologist can tell you for sure that you have fibro, after exhaustive tests.

Good luck to you


mbfibroGal - October 20

First thanks for responding....

I have been to several Dr's in the last 8yrs and no one can tell me why I have the symptoms I do. NO OTC drugs help, I get headaches that are SO bad that I cannot even function and barely can get up to get my daughter off to school. I have had 100s of tests even been to a spinal Dr to see if it was a structural issue.
I have seen a few rheumatologist and they just tell me it is stress and to go to a pain management place or therapist.
My general Dr, chiropractor and PT's all think it is Fibro as nothing has helped me even lessen the pain.
Like today I was not in so much pain, but I was SO SO SO achey all over that I could not sit, stand or lay down for too long.
I am not looking for drugs, I am looking for the reason I feel this way and then maybe the herbal therapy I can try. First though I have to figure out what it is that is causing this constant pain and discomfort.

Thanks again for your response.



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