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Could it be Fibro?
5 Replies
Ellie74 - November 29

Hi everyone~
My name is Ellie and I am a 33 year old female. For the past year I have suffered from chronic tension headaches which I am taking medication for~ Muscle twitching (diagosed with RLS)~~Costochonditis since I was a teenager~ Morning muscle stiffness in my neck~hips~legs and lower back~though my muscle pain tends to last throughout the day esp in my back and legs...I get extremely irritable and have anxiety problems...I tend to forget where I put things and then I get mad because I cannot remember!! There are days when I just wanna lay down and sleep. I have various tender points that are painful to me~ and I have severe intolerance to cold weather..I am a very tiny and thin person..but I never used to get so cold that I could not get warm in the past like I do now.
Since my family dr has not diganosed me with one particular condition I was thinking of going to a Rheumatologist. My mom had Fibromyalgia~Sadly she passed away from brain cancer 5 years ago...I was just wondering if anyone would have some opinions for me..I greatly appreciate it . THANKS!


JJ1 - November 29

Based on your symptoms it is possible that you have fibromyalgia and seeing a rheumatologist is the right step. There is no specific test for fibromyalgia. It is based on symptoms and by eliminating other ailments that there are tests for. So after your first visit they will likely do bloodwork so it would be helpful to have records for any recent tests your regular doctor may have had done.


Gabbie - November 30

Hello Ellie. You do have many of the symptoms of fibro but you really need to see a good rheumatolgist to be properly diagnosed. As JJ1 said, bloodwork is an important part of the doctor appointment to rule out any other problem. I wish you well.


SarahO. - December 4

You could also take a chance and go see a TBD specialist because many TBDs can cause fibromyalgia. I had fibromyalgia and it was really Lyme disease and I have been completely out of pain for over 7 years now. has a Flash Discussion link on the left- then in there there is a Seeking Doctors column. I would recommend finding a Lyme doctor near you- and if it isn't a TBD you can spend the rest of your life with a Rheumie. but if it is TBD induced, you can get rid of it.

I had fibromyalgia for years and it was horrible. Now I have no pain.

You can always call me- daylight West Coast time please- at 831-662-2895.

A Lyme doc will also do a thorough Differential Diagnosis the same as a Rheumie. I went to 3 Rheumies when I had fibro and they all wanted me to LIVE with it. My Lyme doc GOT RID of it!!!

Take care-
Best wishes,
Sarah O.


skidoo - December 5

lol. I was wondering what in hecka TBD is and this is what google gave me....Travelling Brothel Doctor (TBD). haha


skidoo - December 5

a whole list of TDBs in the acronym dictionary. I am guessing you are referring to the doctor born by ticks, i.e, the Tick Borne Doctor..........TBD To Be Decided
TBD To Be Defined
TBD To Be Determined
TBD Douglas Devastator Torpedo Bomber (WW II)
TBD T Baldwin Demerest School (Old Tappan, New Jersey)
TBD Taco Bell Dog
TBD Tampa Bay Drunks
TBD Technical Background Document
TBD Technical Baseline Document
TBD Terminal Bomber Defense
TBD Thai Bangkaew Dog
TBD The Best Deceptions (band)
TBD The Black Donnellys (TV show)
TBD The Boomer Destination
TBD Tibetan Book of the Dead (song)
TBD Tick-Borne Diseases
TBD Time/Bearing Display
TBD To Be Detailed
TBD To Be Developed
TBD To Be Discontinued
TBD To Be Discussed
TBD To Be Done
TBD Too Busy Disorder (humor)
TBD Torpedo - Boat - Destroyer
TBD Totally Brain Dead
TBD Track Before Detect
TBD Triangular Barrier Diode



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