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15 Replies
Joey - September 21

I am a 42 year old male with severe IBS for a very long time. I have been hearing about Fibromyalgia for a while & was wondering.

My symptoms are as follows:

-Severe Neck pain (Usually when I wake up) I can not sleep in a bed.
-Severe headaches
-Dizziness / Lightheaded
-stiff joints after sitting for a while
or sleeping (I also noticed my fingers hurt now when I play my drums)
-Slight memory loss
-sweat easily
These are the main ones I can think of.
I always thought it was just symptoms from my IBS...but now I wonder?


JP - September 19

Hi Joey, from another guy who had the same stuff going on, please check out this link & save yourself a lifetime of hell------ ---- take care man.


Joey - September 19

Thanks...gonna go look now!


Joey - September 19 I have to spend a fortune on books now.


JP - September 20

Nope... but you may have to take a short trip to the library! How bad do you want it?


Joey - September 20

Library...good point. Thanks!


JP - September 20

The best place to start would be "The Mindbody Prescription" by Dr. John Sarno. All of the symptoms you describe I suffered from also, they are very common. The same mechanism that causes IBS causes back pain, migraines, congestion, etc.... It is reversible & curable, I am living proof. Don't hang out here engaging in "symptom talk" it will just make it worse. People don't like what I am saing here.... It's too bad because if they would listen, they could get well. Good luck to you man.


Joey - September 20



Joey - September 20

Thanks especially since you are the ONLY one who even replied!


Julie - September 20

Hi Joey, sorry no one got back to you! they're addicted to the drama elsewhere it seems. JP's suggestions are right on. I had ibs symptoms too and a bunch of other aches & pains that were labelled as Fibro... the book he mentioned is fantastic but really any book by Dr Sano will do. The Divided Mind is the newest one, & explains more symptoms and how they come on etc... Pain free for life by Dr Scott Brady is another good one. You really don't have to buy any of these. They are very popular & can be found in any library. I must say that I am thrilled to see 2-3 posts about this subject. Joey is right, lots of people don't like it. We have come a long way & finally making some progress. Take care.


Jean - September 21

See a Rheumatologist and get the diagnosis first- if you don't have it there is no sense to worry about it. Make sure you are not deficient in vitamin D or hormones. Some men need more testosterone so get the first testing done. Then go from there.


TERESA - September 21

JP, are you saying you haven't ANY symptoms of FMS anymore? Do you take ANY meds? Do you see ANY doctors at all?


TERESA - September 21

Same question to Julie. But please no TERM PAPER answers!


Joey - September 21

Thanks all. I am looking into it.
A friend suggeted to test for Lime disease too.


Anne Hillebrand - September 21

Joey - read
If that's you, read the rest of the info. It's free.


JP - September 21

HI Teresa, to answer your question I had severe CMP & FMS. I haven't been to the doc for at least a year now. I used to go 2-3 times per month. I am off all medications. I have stopped all forms of physical therapy. A year ago I was taking 7 different prescriptions & went to physio, chiro, massage every week. It was a full time job. My doctor was shocked last time I was in because I was such a mess before. I am not 100% cured, but at least 80% there, and I don't want to kill myself anymore. Progress.



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