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Could I have fibromyalgia?
8 Replies
Kat Demeter - February 3

Without committing yourself to on online diagnosis, do you think and in your experience, I could have fibro? I have prolapsed discs and spondylosis plus unprovoked vulvodynia - all chronic. Yet I also have such pain and weird neurological symptoms through oout my body. I can hardly bear to be touched lightly on my muscles anywhere on my body and even my ribs hurt, espcially my sternum. I am usually articulate but I get stuck for words even when in my mind I can "see" what I am meaning! Talk about confusion and memory loss!! I am about fed up with seeming neurotic with my doctors and I have even had a brain scan to see if there is the demyelination of MS! I know something is wrong. However my GP said that fibro is just a temporary local muscular complaint - not chronic and all over the body. I dont want to have more labels but it helps to put a name to this since management is the key. What sort of expert would I have to be referred to for consultation about this? any tips are totally welcome!


JJ - January 19

You should read up on the Fibromyalgia Symptoms on the menu of this website and see if your symptoms fit. It sounds to me like they do, but hard to tell since so many things can cause similar symptoms. What type of doctor do you see? I see a rheumatologist for my FMS.


Jean - January 20

Hi Kat: I would suggest a Rheumatologist, one who does diagnose this condition. Also he/she could tell you if you also have Myofascial Pain Syndrome, if you have this one your symptoms will be worse than people who just have the Fibro. I have been blessed with both. Get this diagnosed and then you will know how to handle it. He should educate you on this and of course these fibro sites and this site you can come back to. Good Luck


Kat - January 20

Thank you JJ and Jean. I have one GP who says I have fibro and another who says I havent!!! I shall as for a referral to a rheumatologist as you suggest. I can accept living in pain and manage it, but as we all know, it is much easier if we have a correct diagnosis..... otherwise I just feel I am going a bit bonkers! I shall pluck up the courage to discuss this with my pain management consultant on Monday and see if I can get some sense from him!


Jean - January 22

Hi Kat: You have a pain mangement consultant, seems to me they should be able to send you or get you going in the right direction, if you need other assistance we are here.:)


Kat - January 22

Jean you seem so warm and supportive!! thank you so much! I am so fed up with medics and all their stupidity at times!! I used to think that yes, it was me - I was mental and all my pain was all in my mind! took me years of anguish to sort that erroneous thought out!!! And I have been affirmed - MRI scans showing degenerative vertebrae and discs plus a big prolapsed one! So I think that everything else being eliminated , I also have fibro since even a light touch on my muscles and areas around joints everywhere just hurts so - plus being exhausted and having a mind fog fit thick as chicken broth!!

So I shall plug away tommorrow. Challenge my consultant in such a way I dont stimulate his ego and hopefully move the treatment and diagnosis forward. As you and I know, diagnosis doesnt make the pain go away, it is just a useful identification for management and something my poor brain can understand . Yes , this is painful and now I know why - sort of thing! Life becomes easier!! I will get back to you if I may after the appointment since it helps me no end having you there - nothing more than that really. just that warm support!! thanks jean!!! Kat x


Jean - January 23

Hi Kat:I'll be here, let me know how things go! :)


Jean - January 27

See a Rheumatologist.


kat - February 3

Tell your get with the program,fybromyalgia is NOT temporary local muscular complaint.



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