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Could Fibromylgia be an Orexin Receptor disorder?
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bennycook - April 7

Fibromyalgia in my opinion, is more than likely the symptomatic expression of a chronic 'Deep Sleep' disorder, better explained by the malfunctioning of Orexin Receptor types A + B.

Its well known that Narcolepsy patients have a faulty gene which interferes in the normal functioning of these 2 Orexin receptors. As Narcolepsy is marked by a sudden and uncontrolled lapse into deep sleep (stages 3-4), the hypothesis I propoze is that in essence; those of us with Fibromyalgia have an inverse (type) form of Narcolepsy, resulting in 'chronic deep sleep deprivation'.

If normal, healthy Deep Sleep can be induced and moreover sustained; then the resulting symptoms seen in Fibromyalgia should abate rather quickly. Furthermore, with normal, healthy physilogically restorative indiced sleep, the process of repair/regeneration of nerves, muscles, Immune system, Neurons...etc should recommence and given adequate time a return to full health should occur so long as healthy 'Deep Sleep' can be maintained.

In healthy test subjects exposed to 1-3 weeks of controlled deep sleep deprvation the symptom profile of subjects by week 3 mirrored precisely the effects seen in Fibromyalgia.

There are currently 2 major pharmaceutical companies racing for approval of their Orexin receptor 'ANTAGONISTS' which are at phase II and III stages of development; with Actelion's ALMOREXANT being the most likely to be approved first. Although both compounds are squarely aimed at the Insomnia market, it won't be long before off-label use is administered for those with Fibromyalgia, Depression/Anxiety and Chronic Pain all of which have 'DEEP SLEEP' symptomatic isues.
I've noticed that both parties have reserved patent rights for Fibromyalgia along with numerous other conditions in their patent applications, particulalry to those just mentioned.

So from my viewpoint, Fibromyalgia is in essence, the result of long-term chronic deep sleep deprivation.



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