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Cough syrup to treat FM symptoms?
3 Replies
CyndiG - June 30

I recently read an article on Arthritis Daily that said that cough syrup may help treat FM symptoms.

Here is the link:

I just wanted to see if anyone had any comments on this.




fibroprof - May 28

I'll check the site later, but one of the sites I found which seemed ridiculous at first, said that taking guinfenisen(mucinex or humidibid?)helps fms. I went out to the drug store and decided to follow the "treatment outline" for a week to see what would happen--I was very dizzy at that point, and couldn't concentrate, profoundly tired, and on and on....So, what the hey, I had money to spend on the expectorant, Mucinex, and I decided it couldn't hurt, I followed the water intake, and the food limitations. Well, no kidding within hours of waking up on day two, my head suddenly cleared from the darn fibrofog. And I kept up with the mucinex for several days and the fog stayed away. A month later it started again when I was on a plane (who knows why) and so I started the mucinex again and it beat back the fog immediately. I've not had fog and not taken it now for 4 weeks and I'm at 95% normalcy as opposed to 40-50% normalcy 8 weeks ago. Try or try to google fibromyalgia and Mucinex or Fibromyalgia and guai. Fibrofix is not the best site. There are others out there with better descriptions of the chemistry and less bias. Also, don't just take this stuff without checking with the pharmacist as to what could interact. I did and since I wasn't highly medicated, I was fine.


Mandi - June 28

A friend of mine takes the Guafinesin (sp) and it's helped her immensely. The key for it to work is eliminating all plant based products from your system. You can eat any typed of plant, but not place it on your skin. This includes shampoo, lotion, gum, even toothpaste. She's noticed that as long as she avoids all these things, she does think clearer, but the pain has improved drastically.


Joe S - June 30

Dr. St Amand of Marina Del Ray in So. Cal. came up with the guaifennesin treatment 15 years ago. I was one of his first patients. His belief is that phosphates are stored in the mitrochondria in FM patients and this very safe medicine has..eurococsik...can't spell it...effect in removing the phosphates. FM symptoms usually get much much worse during the treatment and many cant tolerate it. About every 4 months on it, 1 year of FM is reversed. I did it years ago and stopped. I had 4 years of unbelievable recovery following treatment, then since, I have gotten worse and worse. I will begin it again soon after 8 years without it. Stubborn. I was not ure if I could attribute the 4 years of health to the treatment, but I am now convinced it worked. It just hurts to go on it. I was up to 6 pills a day. YZou can take 1 a day, but it takes much longer to reverse.

About the seeds and lotions. You hace to avoid salisylic acid 100% (thats asperin. Salisylic acid is in many lotions and makeup. You must read every bottle. Asperin or the asperin in plants, will completely foul up the treatment.

God, I just pulled out a journal 2 hours ago and read that I stopped taking guiafenisin in 1997. I was healthy until 2001. I have tried everything to get healthy again to no avail. I have repeated everything that worked in the past except this treatment. I am very sick still. Process of elimination and correlation tells me that this is IT. I ordered guiaf. 2 weeks ago. It is expensive. But worth it.



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