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charvelarde - November 3

I went to a newe chiro oct 1st..since then I started having chest pain..I have been in & out of ER because of chest pain..I have been on ekg's,bloodwork,urine,and a couple of chest xrays..I have been diagnosed with costchondritis,but before this my primary dr wanted me to take lyrica,celexa,xanax,priosec(then dexilant),vicodin,it got to where they wanted me to take 9 different meds..I went to have hida scan done,20% working gallbladder, I have to have endoscopy this Friday nov 5th to rule out gerd,I have anxiety also and this all came about after a new chiro adjusted my upper body like a football player landing on this real? I have chest,rib pain and everyone around me has been upset with me because I'm letting house get messy,etc..I'm going to go see a phys so I can have someone to talk to cause I have no family or friends I see on a regular basis or hangout with and I am married and have 4 kids so I can't be heavily this symptoms of costo of fibromyalgia? I'm scared and confused and my primary doesn't seem to really want to see me much anymore..can this all be from the 20% gallbladder? I do need help and answers!...........


Auvonto - November 3

Charvelarde, I dont really have an answer but I once met a woman who "had" Fibro I say had because she said that once her Gallbladder was removed she recovered. she hasnt had any pain or anything associated with the condition. she told me i should consider that. But none of my doctors mentioned that but I didnt ask either. Maybe that could be a factor. Just look more into it. I'll ask my doctor as well. I am so paranoid though I think the doctors dont want us to get well cause then we dont need them. Thats just me though. good luck to you let us know what you find out.


jrzgirl1 - November 3

I have this condition, a nurse practioner told me that if you press your ribs and between your breads, and it hurts than it is muscular and not heart , I had a ton of cardiac tests done including a catherization 2 yrs ago, it came back normal( I would not dismiss any chest pain if you have not been checked out) but mine is due to STRESS and tons of it. This fm and other problems are just so complicated yet misunderstood.


Fantod - November 3

Yes - Costocondritis is a condition associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). It has nothing to do with the chiropractors treatment. GERD can also be associated with FMS. You need to see a rheumotologist to get a firm diagnosis of FMS. You can call your local hospital and ask for the physician referral service. See if they can recommend someone with an interest in Fibromyalgia. The other option is to go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and look at the listing of fibro-friendly doctors in your state.

Either way it is imperative that you get this sorted out and begin a regimen of medication appropriate for your medical issues. I agree that what your GP is doing is appropriate treatment. He has basically thrown the kitchen sink at you without diagnosing the root problem.
There are still plenty of doctors out there who do not believe that FMS exists. It is recognised by the National Arthitis Foundation, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control.

By the way, only certain classes of prescribed medication are effective in treating FMS. OTC remedies do not work. There are a few conditions (like thyroid) that do mimic FMS symptoms. The rheumotologist is best suited to sort all of this out. The longer a chronic pain cycle continues, the harder it becomes to manage or stop.

I hope that my comments are helpful to you. If you have any additional questions or just want to vent, we are all here to help. Take care and God Bless.


scgirl - November 3

Yes a low or non functioning gall bladder can cause a myriad of crazy symptoms. I'm glad your doctor has also ordered an egd. Find a good surgeon and get that gall bladder out! You will feel much better afterwards.


Beone - November 5

HI charvelarde, Im not saying this is a cure but i was having the same trouble only 2 weeks ago,and Ive had the chest rib pain for years, i started taking lemon fizzy drink an apple and an orange a day, and man what a difference, Im not a doctor or anyone special but this has helped me heaps, I still get some pain and Im still trying different things, its not perfect but i fell human again,I haven't been able to do anything now i washed my car cut my lawns and helped my 75 year old dad cut my hedge, now i could hardly move before, now i don't know if it is just a phase but something changed, i think the citric acid cycle is not working in our bodies correctly so this helps break down the fatty acids,see how you go.
i will be interested in how you go, and if it helps you like Ive been helped.
love Beone,



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