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Costochondritis Help
14 Replies
Audrey56 - June 23

Has anyone had this that can describe their pain. This has been going on with me for months and it is wearing on my nerves soooo bad. I can't sit for long or lay down for long at a time. The only way it is bearable is to stand, but I can't do that all day and night. I take Ativan for nerves and Vicoprofen for pain, but both only twice a day. I hurt too bad to even get back to the doctor. I am on the edge with this and it is scaring me. You feel as though you are dying and it is never going to get better. Can anyone relate?


tcmby - June 24

Hi Audrey, I'm really sorry to hear how bad you are suffering. Let me say.... I know exactly how you feel. I have had costo on and off for 5+ yrs. It was by far the worst at the beginning. In my case it feels like stabbing pains or sharp twinges, sometimes burning or a deep aching that is just so bad that you feel all bruised up inside and want to throw up. Costo is a form of "Myofascial Pain" which is said to be one of the MOST painful (benign) physical pains even possible. It is agony. The good news is that yes, it can last for months but it always gets better at some point. It is scary scary stuff to have crazy chest pains all the time. Hot moist heat helps, massage & strong painkillers. It will get better. Best of luck to you :)


tcmby - June 24


Audrey56 - June 24

tcmby, thanks for your encouraging words. Do you still have costo? My lower back muscles are so tight from holding myself up that they spasm all night long. I feel tight in the chest, like ropes are tightening up around me, especially when I begin to get nervous from fighting the aching pain all the time. You begin to feel this must be something really bad, and it scares me. Nothing seems to help much. I am just so ready to have a life back. I can't do anything like housework anymore, and I am so far behind on everything. I can't even take a bath on some days and that really makes you feel helpless. Do you have the tightness? Has it ever lasted 3-4 months with you without letting up much? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.


tcmby - June 25

Hi Audrey. Yes... it has lasted for many months without letting up for me. As I said above, I have had it come & go for over 5 yrs... you will see that *chest pain* is one of the #1 symptoms people ask about on this site. It is very scary & does feel like something is terribly wrong. If they have scanned, x-rayed & tested you but said it is muscular... then as bad as it feels, that is what it is. Please have a look at the link below, you can find out lots more about specific symptoms by clicking on "Fibromyalgia Symptoms" on the left side of this screen under the search box. Many times costo can take 6 months or more to heal, and thats IF the pain is being caused by inflammation in your intercostal muscles (thats what costo is). BUT... pain that also is felt like tight ropes or in the back (referred pain) points more to MYOFASCIAL PAIN. If it was just costo, your back would not be spasming too. Please have a look at the site I pasted for you above about trigger points, it should ease your mind & you can help yourself using a tennis ball for self-massage. Try to see a really good Massage Therapist if you can, they will also ease your mind by confirming how REFERRED PAIN spreads around to other muscles. It sounds like you have MYOFASCIAL PAIN in your upper body more than Costo. Ask your Dr for a referral to a specialist (Physiatrist, Rhumetologist) who understands these conditions & can explain things better. It sucks to be in pain but being in pain & terrified, is the WORST. Please really take a GOOD LOOK at the links I have left here for you. I wish someone would have told me what the hell was happening to me when I was only a few months in.... there are things you can do to feel better. And you will. Take good care.


tcmby - June 25


tcmby - June 25

p.s. Audrey, I have been reading more & saw your other posts about Rib pain too.... Please google & ask to see someone about MYOFASCIAL PAIN. It sounds like that is what is really going on. You sound just like me. Costo is localized.... and does NOT spread pain elsewhere like you describe. I really hope this helps :)


Donna32614 - June 28

I was diagnosed with this in Jan., the best description is that I felt like I had broken ribs with heart attack. A course of sterioids and anti inflamatory Rx, with pain meds helped me. Best of luck. I have been diag. with Fibro. since 2004 and currently waiting for disability approval in Florida.


Alone - July 31

Oh guys sound just like me. I have been miserabley in severe pain for 3 tears now. I lost my job because of it. I am still undiagnosed. No one seems to want to treat you when your on medicaid.Going to beg my pain management dr. when I see him next time to refer me to a doc. who can diagnose me.I have been searching all these years to figure out whats wrong with me. Now I know.....


tcmby - July 31

Dear Alone, I am so happy you found this site & finally some answers! I know it sucks to be in this awful pain, but knowledge is half the battle... Very best of luck to you ;)


Audrey56 - August 16

Have any of you taken muscle relaxers with any luck? I am taking Flexeril now. It seems to help. I tried Zanaflex but it doesn't last long. Also it makes me stumble around. Anyone else tried Prednisone for this and did it help?


SAHMof2 - August 28

I was diagnosed with this before they figured out I had FM too. I've had 2 C-sections and an emergency abdominal surgery and the pain that I get from CC is WAyyyy more painful then any of my surgeries ever. Mine makes my shoulders, chest,back, arms and neck feel like someones stabbing me with millions of knives. Sometimes I just have to sit in a Hot bath for as long as I can and it helps some. My Reumo dr gave me a presp for Skellixin (sp) which is a muscle relaxer but it never did much for me other then make me Woozy headed and tired. So I quit taking it.


joe1977y - January 5

Hi, have you had any success since your last post? I have been dealing with this pain for 6 months and it is getting worse daily almost. I have removed myself from all activities. The pain gets worse when I sleep/rest at night. So, every morning when I wake up, its worse than when I go to bed. It subsides during the day as long as I do not lift anything or do any activities.

What remedys are available? I have tried pain meds but they just slow me down mentally and make me want to sleep. This is having a dramatic effect on my life and my ability to function daily. Please advise if you have any options. I will be trying acupuncture in the coming weeks as I have exhausted all options to date.



Auvonto - January 5

ive had this pain before. i was so scared i went to the er and the dr told me it was just tender because of my "monthly" excuse me....really. i know the difference. but i have been lucky to not have it too long. that pain is really bad. i hope you all get better soon


roses606 - January 6

I have had costo for over 20 years now. When I first got it, I thought I was dying. Finally, after tests, my dr told me what I had. Thank God back then I had a dr who saw it before. Anyhow, after all these years, I still have it,it comes and goes. The last attack I had was a month ago when I did some lifting. Ended up at ER with chest pains but the dr there said it was costo acting up. When you lay me down on a table and press in on my chest, it hurts, that part never goes away. I also feel that I have fibro as well as other parts of my body hurt when pressure is applied. As far as sleeping, I can't remember the last time I slept anything over 4 hours. I wake every couple of hours and feel very tired all the time. And yes doctors sometimes think your a hypocondriac but that seems to come with the territory. Apparently, as most of you know, these kinds of aches never show up on xrays or scans. I also had neck pain which started about 6 months ago and the symptoms to that were really weird. Pain when I walked and laid down but standing and sitting I was fine. Took me about 4 months before I finally found out that it was a disc problem.



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