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16 Replies
Stephanie - August 22

I have been diagnosed with Costo... I also have Fibromyalgia.. Does anyone else with costo. have reoccurances?.. Mine goes away for weeks then out of nowhere its back in full force.. it hurts all the way around to my back from my ribs.. I almost feel like i have this one spot along my spine (muscular) that is also causing a lot of pain.. it seems to wrap around to my stomach.. Just wanting to hear from anyone else who might make me feel a little less worried.. thanks !


JOY - August 22

seems like alot of people start out with costo & advance to FM. do not worry!!! your muscles can hurt anywhere. your lats wrap around you & join in with a host of abdominal muscles, its all inter-related. painful yes, but it can't hurt you. don't worry. stressing will only increase the pain.


kjscns09 - September 24

I am not sure if this is the same pain you are experiencing, but I have a lot of stomach pain. It is on both side, especially on the left and right under my rib cage. I am seeing my DR again friday, but I already know he'll say it is due to the fibro. It is scary though. Take care and God Bless...


iliveinpain - September 24

I get a lot of lower back pain that goes around to cause abdominal pain. Yeah, I worry about that too but I do believe it's referred pain, and I try to remind myself not to stress too much over it.


axxie - September 24

Hello Stephanie,
costrochondritis, means 'inflammation of the rib area,' but it is often a misnomer applied to any pain in the rib areas.

Some of my friends were diagnosed with this condition, told me the pain stopped when they stopped wearing underwire bras, and never had the problem again. Most likely the pain was due to TrPs (Trigger Points).


jennyb213 - September 24

I have not been diagnosed with that but i have Fibro and I have this one spot in my back especially on my left side and the pain is just unbearable and i went to the Er several times to check my heart and everything was fine! I mglad I found this forum!


Michie - September 29

Stephanie you are not alone. I to was just diagnosed with the same thing. I have the same symptoms too. I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon because I thought for sure it had to more than just my fms. I had 2 spots in my spine that seemed like it was the real problem. I thought I had a herniated disc or something to that nature....nope my mri was clear. It was simply the costochondritis. My doctor recommends physical therapy. I will let you know how that works out for me.
Just know you are not alone in this insane world of living with FMS and all the conditions that come with it.


ptalana - September 30

Hi all, I was so relieved to read that someone else was experiencing this intense pain in the rib area!! I assumed it had to do with the ribs I had broken in the fall which has led to my developing fms. My ribs are so sore to the touch I find it hard to get comfortable, even breathing seems to cause pain!!!
Has anyone found anything that soothes the rib area, I was going to apply my magic bag but having anything resting on my ribs is just excruciating. Good to know that this is related to the fms, sometimes having that much pain is scary.
My employer is sending me to another specialist to try to discredit my injuries. I'm nervous as I googled this doctor and others have commented on how arrogant and uncaring he is. Please keep me in your thoughts on Oct 5, I'll need all the support I can get.
Thanks all, Patty


toots2889 - September 30

Patty, I know all to well about those kind of dr.s. I will keep you in my prayers, and good luck.


mustangsh - September 30

I have been having this pain and I cannot pin point what makes it happen..sometimes I feel it is
after I have bent over wrong or picked up something heavy and even seems it hurts after I
eat..I do not know what costo is but I am also
very nauscious at times. I am not familiar with
costo but I have been to my GP docter this week and she has done some blood work and also advised me to go to a gastro speacialists..I am having a
upper scope.My docter feels it could be FMS but
wants to rule out everything else. This pain is scary and does worry me also.


ptalana - September 30

Hi Toots, thank you for your prayers and good wishes. They are both very welcome and needed.
Take care, Patty;)


Fantod - September 30

ptalana - I'm sorry that you are so umcomfortable - been there, done that. I have a few suggestions for dealing with costo.

The easiest solution is to go to the health food store and ask them for Arnica gel. This is the homeopathic version of a sports rub. It is very good for inflammation, and muscle pain.

If that doesn't work, there are two other options. One would be the Flector Pain Patch which is worn 12 hours on and 12 off. It only works where it is applied and does not get into your bloodstream. It will not interefere with anything you may be taking. This is prescribed so you will have to discuss this with your doctor.

The final option is a cream called Ketoprofen. This has to be made by a compound pharamcy and is also a prescribed medication. There are compound pharmacies everywhere. If none are convenient to your home, the script can be faxed and they'll mail it to you. I use a 20% strength Ketopfrofen with lidocaine added. There is a trick to using this stuff. It must be applied to clean, warm skin. You can not layer it. Either put in on after a hot shower or use rubbing alcohol on the affected area prior to applying the cream. For best results (you'll love this part) apply a layer of saran wrap over the affected area for NO more than 2 hours. This will help the cream really absorb into your skin.

The thing you need to remember is that no matter what you do, it is going to take some time to get some relief. Breaking a pain cycle can be very challenging. I hope that my comments are helpful to you in some way. Take care.


axxie - October 1

People who have fibro will have reoccuring costochondritis.

The pain usually lasts a week or two and then will resolves itself. Either use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory or nsaid; advil, motrin, aleve. Or your doctor may have already given you a script for tintricyclic antidepresants it helps when your are trying to rest or sleep. Heating pad is good for you.

Keep us posted.


pfiinch - October 4

ptalana Watch out for those Dr.s because they are working for your boss not you.The fall probaly cause more of this fm to start.Unfortunately no real way to prove that the fall had anything to do with it.Please just stand up for yourself because of the dr.working to discredit your pain and injury always as I said the theirs and does not have your best interest in you.Don't give up and get as many Dr.s opinions as you can and see if you can try and use a Dr. of your choice. I get the pain in my right back and then it wraps around to my rig cage just when I am filing paper work and sitting to long and then it burns and hard to breath..When I bend over it seems to really flare up.Good luck and God Bless


ptalana - October 5

pfinch, I just under went an intense appointment with this physiatrist hired by my employer, an hour and a half later I'm left with little hope for my case. None of these specialist knew me before my fall, but now seem to tell me that it's all coincidental!!! After all you are 48yrs old not 20!!! I have done more than my share of investigation regarding not only fms but scoliosis and both can develop after an accident such as mine, but none of these doctors agree (surprise, surprise)!!! It doesn't help when my attorney gives me no feed back.
Thanks all for the prayers and luck sent my way, you guys are the best!!!!


katrinalove_1 - October 7

I saw my rheumatologist today and told him about my terrable spasms in my rib cage that cause my back pain. I have fibromyalgia and he perscribed cymbalta. I also have neuropathy so hje said I should have less pain. I hope this helped you.


K2009 - October 16

Hi everyone, I have had Costochondritis on and off for about 3 years. At first I thought I was having Gallbladder or Liver problems. Had all the tests done, and my Gastroenterologist said, "I think you have Costochondritis - 2 months later, I was diagnosed with FM. I have finally found RELIEF - a month ago upon the recommendation of a friend, I went to a Licensed Neuromuscular Massage Therapist for body work and for deep ultrasound on my tissue and trigger points. My neck pain, lower back pain, headaches and Costo, have been relieved by about 75%. I intend on going every couple of weeks. He has absolutely made a HUGE difference in my life. I won't take Savella or any of the other drugs because of the side effects. If I can continue to feel this good, I will be so relieved. Living with this on a daily basis can be so depressing and exhausting. I would recommend that anyone try this route and see how it works for you. If you live in AZ where I do, the therapist that I see is Remi Broda and his phone number is 480.538.8558. Good luck and God Bless!



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