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12 Replies
silky - December 19

Anyone know the best way to deal with costochondritis? I take naproxen but it seems to be taking longer to relieve the pain plus it wreaks havoc with my stomach. The discomfort leaves me feeling breathless and tired. I am having a difficult time (more so than usual) sleeping. Fibro is such a frustrating illness.


danigirl - December 21

I am definitely interested in that answer too. I have Fibro and just started having this ridiculous chest /back pain and shortness of breath...nothing showed up on x-rays or ekg. They just told me Fibro and didn't mention the Costochondritis. I can't take naproxen because of stomach problems...

Another thread on this subject said this:
Name: Anne Hillebrand | Date: September 22, 2006, 1:30
Answer: Costrochondritis is pain located at the cartilage of your sternum (breast bone). If cartilage is not being fed, it becomes sickly. The movement of ribs is enough to make it feel like it is being pulled out. It felt like an eagle's talon was trying to rip out my sternum. Heart cathe, etc. showed no problems there. The heavy feeling comes because of bodywide congestion. When the cartilage is so compromised it can't support the flexing of the ribs, it just can't pull air in enough. Check Saliva pH.

--I wonder what Saliva pH has to do with it? And what can we do about congestion?

As for what I have tried...treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs have helped me a little bit...not quite as weak as I was. But it seems to come and go in severity with the pain and shortness of breath.


LindaQ - January 2

Try taking turmeric and bromelain( Natural Factors brand is one I recommend), since costochondritis is an inflammitory thing this should help alot. I know I have had this but don't as much if at all since taking the turmeric and bromelain.


cheryl43 - March 27

I have Costrochrondritis and Fibromyalgia. I take prescription 75mg of Indocin and loritabs for the painful days. It helps some but I have Fibromyalgia as well so I'm constantly fighting the pain.


VVickers - April 15

I know this sounds crazy but...I was told to try Guaifenesin (like Robitussin). I can't really explain to you the reason I was given (medically above my intelligence) but it somehow lubricates the cells and body fluid. I've just started trying it....keep your fingers crossed. Anyone else heard of this?


Fantod - April 18

I would suggest you ask your docotor for a prescription of Ketoprofen. This is a topical pain killing cream that can be made up in 10, 20 & 30 percent strengths to which lidocaine can be added. It has to be made by a compoud pharmacy. If there is not one convenient to your home, a script can be faxed in to the pharmacy and they will mail the medication to you. One of the benefits of this cream is that it does NOT get into your bloodstream. A real plus if you already happen to be on a bunch of meds. This cream should always be applied to clean skin - use rubbing alcohol first. Never layer Ketoprofen. For better absorbption, you can put saran wrap over the affected area for NO MORE than 2 hours. Works very well and should help tremendously. Best of luck to you.


maggie2 - February 1

Does Turmeric and Bromelain help with the pain of Fibro? Also how much do you take? Best taken with meals or empty stomach?


Sandybeach - February 1

Hi...having just had my worse flare up after the flu virus ive also started getting the chest pain,my worse flare up yet.i tried hot water bottles i been and bought a tens machine the relief is like to listen to anyone else with any comments regarding tens machines n fibro pain.I sympathise with you wht the costochondritis its terrible pain.good luck.


AnnHurts - February 6

Yes, I have it. It feels like I am wearing an old fashioned corset that is tied too tight. It is hard to take a deep breath. I wish I could help, but I don't know how to deal with it.



Cher0208 - February 6

Oh my God, I am finding all of these symptoms on this forum that I had no idea were associated with the Fibro. Last week I had the hardest time taking a deep breath. The more I tried the harder it got. I had chest pain and thought I could be having a heart attack. Well I'm not even going to google Costochondritis because this is all starting to get very overwhelming. I will say that I am so grateful I found this forum. I am beginning to understand now that I am not alone and all of your posts are comforting me more than any doctor could.


loopy35 - February 16

hi everyone, i was diagnosed with costochondritis last year around july time, then towards november time i atarted getting all the other pains and aches, dizziness and gp suspects it could be fybro and im having tests at the moment to find out whats wrong, it gets me down a fair bit,and it seems to be a drawn out process.


wpams - March 23

Has anyone had dental work and then started to have symptoms? I had a root canal, then got costochondritis. Now my shoulders & neck are a constant bother. My "points" hurt, my skin even hurts.


January - March 23

wpams - oh yes, with the dental work. I had a LOT of dental surgery over several years and I got incredibly sick. I think the antibiotics triggered something like a severe gluten intolerance. By any chance were you given Clindamycin?

My dentist told me that some fibro patients have pain because of undetected dental infections. That may be true, I don't know. He seemed very knowledgeable, and it made sense - that infections in the teeth or jawbones could have an effect on your entire body. Medicine is beginning to acknowledge this relationship now (e.g., oral health and heart disease), but most doctors don't know much about it.

For me, however, the trauma - or the antibiotics - or something - really made me seriously ill. I had symptoms ranging from increased pain and severe weakness to anorexia to diabetes insipidus. I now have to maintain a strict gluten free diet, and my theory is that problem was triggered by the Clindamycin.



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