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Convincing the Doctor I have it.
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loiuse - September 21

Ok,, I have had symptoms for almost 10 years. After this long I know they are getting worse, and each year I note new symptoms. The fatigue is farf worse now and the weakness and headaches and now I have muscle spasms and my mental aptitude is worrisome. I feel like a crazy person I have so many symptoms I am embrassed to address these with the doctors. Each doctor wants a 30 second breakdown of 10 years worth of symptoms! They don't seem to communicate. All in all, they all tell me MIGRAINES. When do migraines cause SO MANY symptoms? I have migraines, mentrual problems, the muscle weakness, fatigue, dental problems, eyesight problems, memory and cognitive problems, circulatory problems, high blood pressure, swelling, depression (mostly cause since I can't get a diagnosis past migraines), chronic sinusitis, and many other symptoms. I want my doctor to just say I have this so I can move on. I know I have fibromyalgia. It just makes sense with all the symptoms I have. But he looks at the blood tests, mri's, gi's, and other tests and sees very little. They found minor things wrong with the brain and liver. I have the blood pressure and circulatory problems including Raynauds, I have chronic fatigue, and they did find a small cyst on my liver. But overall I seem healthy on paper. I just can't get them to ok this self diagnosis. What should I say to my doctors???? I have done SO MUCH research and finally come to this.... but proving it is difficult!!!!!


Tamsta - September 21

Hi Louise, I have the problem of the doctors thinking i have this disease but im trying to think i dont and tell them to just hurry up and fix me, LOL.. I would suggest seeing another doctor, from what ive read some doctors dont believe in iFM so you may want to look into seeing someone else. I dont get why there focused on the blood tests etc because there is no blood test, MRI etc that will confirm its FM anyway, they should be testing that stuff to rule out other possible things and FM should be a big thought on there list. I really dont have enough experience to say much, but i know without my support of my doctor i would be a mess. Good luck and hope you find someone whom believes you.



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