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continued back pain
5 Replies
txsunsets - September 30

I am having major problems with my back. It hurts all the time and i am also having muscle spasms going down my butt and legs which are very painful. I have had my back checked out and nothing is wrong with it so i know it is my FMS. I am taking Nuerontin for my FMS, Flexeril for my muscle spasms and putting cream the Fantod told me about and nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any more suggestions???


Fantod - September 30

Yes - This is a doozy of a suggestion. I've had it done and I did not enjoy it one bit. You could have your doctor inject the areas that you keep having the muscles spasms (trigger points). Mine uses Sarapin which is a derivative of the pitcher plant. It is non toxic unlike cortisone which can cause tissue damage. Sarapin is a pain killer which can be used more often that cortisone. Sometimes you need to break the pain cycle in a specific area. This will do it but the after effects for me from the injections were pretty bad. Once I got over that, it really helped and I felt a lot better for almost six months. Give the cream I recommended some more time to work. Be sure to apply it to clean, warm skin and use a layer of saran wrap so it will really absorb, The saran wrap has to be removed after two hours. I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable. Take care.


txsunsets - October 1

What would i do without you Fantod. You don't know how much i appreciate your suggestions. I will continue to use the cream. My doctor is out of town until mon so if i am still having problems then i will go see her. Thanks again


Fantod - October 2

If you decide to have any injections done be sure to take an ice pack with you for the trip home. Better yet, have someone else do the driving. I was extremely sore afterwards so if you could schedule something for Friday afternoon, all the better. I still think you should see a pain specialist for an evaluation. I really hope that something gives you some relief soon. I've been there and I know how miserable you must feel right now. I rooting for you, so hang in there. Take care.


txsunsets - October 3

Fantod, thank you. i have another question. does your body ever just shut down on you. last night i was exhausted when i got home from work at one. i laid down and asked my mom to wake me up at 7 because i had a paper i had to write. when she tried to wake me i wouldn't wake up. they tried until 11:30 and had no luck. when they tried to wake me this morning it took them almost an hour to wake up. i took my nuerontin in the morning and that is all i took the whole day. i didn't even take my med last night because i was asleep. that never happens to me. should i be concerned??


txsunsets - October 3

i didn't get home at one i got home at 5



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