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constant sore throat and glands
27 Replies
FMSsuckz - November 6

Can Fybromyalgia cause constant recurring sore throat and glands??


Jem - July 18

I don't know if it a known symptom but I frequently suffer from severe sore throats and glands.


Shane - August 15

yes, it can...........I have had a constant sore throat for going on 2 1/2 years now. There was a period of about six months that it eased quite a bit but its back again now. I have been to three ENT's and had a scann done to rule out cancer, also blood work, all has come back as clear.


Detroit Bobby - August 25

My sore throats were mostly in the begging - they were constant. Now they wane and wax. Swollen glands have always been a problem. Testing for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma - Sarcodoisis and Leukemia(sp). Fevers also. The previous symptoms went away for several years but are now starting again which really scares me. I have been in physical therapy for a herniated disk and I think that alone has cause the flareup of the symptoms again. I am not a Dr. but I do hold a degree as a Master Herbalist and working on a ND. I also run a support group in Michigan; north of Detroit. So I know quite a bit; but everytime I search the net I learn more and more. This is going to take over the nation if something is not done soon. Sorry I'm going on and on.



Jean - August 30

From everything I've read FMS is not imflamatory, driness can cause sore throats You can take a test for Sourjornes Syndrome, a Rheumatologist would know about this. Or it could mean the muscles in your throat are spasming.


ND Chris Sept.2005 - September 19

I have swallen glands and chronic sore throate that have been going on since 1997. My diagnosis of FMS came earlier this summer 2005. Though I have had it since about 1996. I also have IC,& IBS. I have days that my glands are so swallen that I have no energy. I would'nt be able to punch my way out of a paper bag if I tried. It is relentless, and I am tired of Doctors saying that I bring this on myself. That it is stomatic. That is BS, I didnt even know what these diseases were before the doctors put a name to them. How can you give youtself a disease.? It sucks and I don't know how to cope sometimes. I am getting bio-feedback treatment from a shrink that thinks I have brought this on myself. e-mail [email protected] (no solisiting or spam) I, I, I,(it sounds self centered) please I would like to hear from you.


Jean - September 20

Yes it gets very frustrating and it seems no one out there understands or tries to put it into your psychy as a mental malfunction. You just have to be straight with your doctors and let them know who you are and that this was an unplanned condition that decided to interrupt your life. I know, I've had this since 2001 and believe me if I could get rid of it I would....I haven't had any problems with my glands just my muscles, which is all over the body...Let me know how it goes, your not the only one out here...


Debbie - September 27

This has recently started happening to me. I am 56 and have had more sorethroats, chills and fevers. I don't know what's happening. I've been blaming it on allergies, but I get an allergy shot every 2 weeks and they tell me it is not from that. Who knows?? They try to say fibromyalgia is not a disease!! They never have had it, is all I can say.


Jean - September 27

I was researching about glandular problems and I came up with a test called the Epstein-Barr. Ask your doctor about this just to see what he/she might say next time you visit. I have not read anything that says this problem with glands is from Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disease but the problem is that some physicians use this diagnosis on people they can't or unalbe to figure out the problem. This hurts people who do have Fibromyalgia to get the right treatment. It is sad but maybe time will heal this too.


Sarah - October 6

I have had fibromyalgia since I was about 18. I am now 48. I always have some degree of swollen glands, sometimes worse than others.


Diana - October 26

I am constantly suffering from swollen glands under my jaw. I am also suffering from a numb right arm, an upper back pain that I get every morning and everytime I eat something I get a pain between my ribs! I am so over this and have no idea what is wrong with me. Sadly I dont think the doctors do either.


Kim - October 26

I have been having sore throats that come and go but no fever, chills, or swollen glands. My pain is mostly my shoulders, neck, knee areas and jaw (diagnosed TMJ). All of my blood tests came back negative. I'm trying to get a referral from my doctor for a rheumotologist as I was speaking to a doctor over the weekend at a seminar and he is almost sure I have fibromyalgia. He even tested my trigger points and they were painful. My regular doctor doesn't have a clue what is wrong with me since all of my tests came back negative so he told me it was "stress". I laughed because I have benn under more stress before with no problems.


Jean - November 2

Ask your doctor about Gerd or read in Medscape about this.


hollylvn - November 2

Yes, swollen/ painful lymph nodes can be a symptom of fibro. I can constant pain and edema for a few months, when my doc referred me to a surgeon who intended to do a small biopsy. Upon awakening, he informed me he had removed two entire lymph nodes from my left axillae because they were so large. Thankfully, the results were negative for cancer! However, I suggest a biopsy to anyone who may suffer from this particular symptom, just to be on the safe side.


Beverly - November 2

The Tender Points that are the worse are in my neck and sholders. These muscles tighten up to the point that it goes right through to my throat which appears to be sore. My doctor has checked this out and finds this is true in my case. There is no pain pill, massage,muscle relaxer, acupunture or anything else so far that releives this. I just live with it.


tonyab1838 - November 2

I have constant sore throat and loss of voice but mine is due to Acid Reflux. The acid comes up in my throat and burns my vocal cords. I am on medication but the damage has already been done. Now due to this I have a high risk for throat cancer and as soon as I get sick it goes straight to my throat. I would definitley get in to your Dr. and hopefully they will suggest an Endoscopy, to see what the problem is. Don't let this go because if by chance it is Acid Reflux, it can lead to erosion of the Esaphegus. Let us know how everything goes. Take care and God bless.


[email protected] - November 4

Hey Tonya,What are you taking for acid reflux. I have seen commercials about Nexium repairing and healing the problem. What does your doctor say?



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