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Constant Pressure in my back?
5 Replies
tonyab1838 - August 15

For several months I have had pressure sensation in the middle of my back. It feels like someone is pushing their hand against my back. The Dr. put me on steroids to help with the swelling but it isn't helping in my back. Has anyone else had this feeling? Does it ever go away? If so what medicines help? Thanks in advance.


Diane - August 13

I have a constant feeling of tightness and pressure in my back, but not exactly like you describe. I believe it comes from trigger points around the spine and rib cage. Massage therapy by someone familiar with trigger points really relieves this feeling. Also a long hot shower with a pulsating stream of water directed at the sore places works wonders. This will relieve the feeling if it is muscular. Tylenol Arthritis works the best for me.


tonyab1838 - August 15

Thank you for responding. I was going to PT but couldn't afford it anymore. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.


gypsyrose - September 6

wow wow almost makes you feel crazy! i just googled "pressure in mid back" and found your post.....i have told my doctor about it and he had absolutely had no idea why i would have such a symptom....almost seemed skeptical, like i was making it up or imagining it..he had all kinds of bloodwork done..5 tubes full (only god knows why they really need so much dang blood.that is no small amount) , and MRI of my back,but not my hips and pelvic area even though i specifically stated that is where it originated several yrs ago from a doctor (not nurse) gave me a shot in my left butt cheek and put it right in the middle of a major nerve and since then it has progressed and regressed, it flares up and goes away and it is progressing to a very bothersome point...........BUT...according to the doctor and his facility i am in perfect health, nothing bad enough to cause the pressure in back,the dead feeling in my mid thigh on left side that gets so cold and very painful pretty constantly,headaches, migranes,muscle spasms to the touch of my mid back that makes me jolt.among various other minor issues.......BUT i have a clean bill of health,besides a misdiagnosed 'mental health' is so frustrating..THANK YOU for sharing!! maybe i should insist i be tested for fibromialgia sp? by a knowlegable, competent doctor that is knows and recognizes this health disorder (not mental) as a valid and serious affliction and treat it as such........many blessings to you and may you improve and feel good again.....:) thanks


juliebrown74 - January 10

Did anyone ever find out what this is? Hi. I have had an issue with my mid back for two months now. It started with a sudden burning pain like someone had put a needle just to the left of my spine. That went away but now I am left with these odd sensations in my spine. When I lay down at night in particular, I feel like someone is pressing with the thumb down hard on one of my vertebrae. I got a massage yesterday and now the whole left side of my back is very painful. I do have fibromyalgia but this is a new symptom. I have a doctor's appointment on in two days but just curious if anyone was able to figure out what it was. I have never had pain in this area before so have never had any diagnostic work done. Thanks!


Wolfie - February 22

I'm having the same issue with what feels like someone's fist in the middle of my back. the muscles in my back and chest have begun having random spasms as well. I've been diagnosed with FM for about 12 years and have figured out how to deal with a lot of it, But this is new and painful and annoying.

I've checked out a few yoga dvds that are specifically for back pain so I will see if that helps and let everyone know



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