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Conspiricy or Truth???????????
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TJS - October 13

HI, everyone, been wanting to tell this for a while...
I was born 1955 and raised in a small commercial farming town in north central Idaho. Growing up we were exposed to high levels of commercial pesticides herbicides, and fertilizers. you would routinley see piles of them along the roadsides and aroud the wharehouses in town . Also the cropdusters where the preffered method of application, so in the air you could smell these most of the time. Over the years most all of the varities used have been oulawed for there detriment to health DDT, 24T etc.
Then on top of that my sister 59 years old,Who is an avid researcher, recentley found in a
Gov. released report that the worst nuclear releases from Hanford nuclear facility in Washington state happened in 1955- 1958, and the worst case scenario for the downwinders was to be a baby that was raised on milk from the family cow which I was. The elevation that we lived 3700 ft. was exactly in the jet stream of the strongest releases. The area also reportedly has one of the highest cancer rates in North america. I have Fms and cmp and just was wondering ????????


Stephanie417 - October 13

Sounds like a real conspiracy theory here.. Alot of things would be explained if we knew the actual truth.. Seems that the sloppy jobs risking our health are very carefully cleaned up by our government.. I wouldnt doubt that your fms and cmp has something to do with what happened during that time.. After all, it is technically a shock to your system, and as we know there are many factors to these disorders.. So yeah.. sounds like you have something here.. I would do some more research on the effects of chemical exposure and these disorders.. to see if there is a connection.. I live in the midwest, rich in farming, and although I am not out in the country, there are many bad things such as chemicals and pesticides that are in our water supply, and our air..There is just usually someone who gets on the news and coddles the public into believing that no "real" harm is done, and not to worry....I could go on forever about such stuff.. but I will stop.. I agree with your theory... and It freaks me out !!


barbar - October 13

I remember DDT well and running behind the dispensing trucks with the other kids because the stuff smelled so great. I also grew up near one of the SAC---Strategic Air Command---air bases, home of the B-52 bombers, the Blackbird, the U-2 and goodness knows what else. I am also the only one in my family (of 5) who has not (yet) had some form of cancer. My mother and sister dired from it. I am convinced our affliction is evironmental. We not only grew up in the age of organo-phosphates but all the artifical sweeteners as well. However, fibro is older than any of that. I don't care. I still think it's the DDT.


carm - October 14

The only weird thing I grew up by from age 4-21 is an Oscar Myer rendering plant which before the EPA stepped in was belching out some vile smells and who knows what else. I do not have any cancer in my family so far but my Mother died of complications for rheumatoid arthitis which scares me that FM may turn into that.



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