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Confused about purpose of the forum
31 Replies
Lyle Anderson - January 31

Maybe I've misunderstood the purpose of this forum. I've noticed that much of it is trasncriptions from online advertisements for particular remedies. I was hoping that the forum was more about people but I also noticed that that's when people get attacked, when they try to shift the emphasis from postings copied from commercial web sites to talking about ourselves and our lives. That's when I got attacked, when I posted a 'tell us about yourself' note; that's when others have been hit as well. If this forum is really about sophisticated postings from commercial websites telling us about this remedy or that, at least let us know. I would really much prefer a 'this is what my fibro did to me today, can I take comfort in your support' board or a 'haha this is how I overcome the maladies and still enjoy a life.' I remember a long time ago, when I ws still to shy to post, reading postings by someone who complined about our whining and said that he couldn't stand it when he kept telling about the cure and all we could do was whine. (We weren't whining, BTW, we were just being people.) So, please tell us: is this board for professionals, for postings from other sites about cures, for people playing doctor or is this board a place for FMS sufferes to come and whine if that's what they need to do that day?


JJ1 - January 31

Things have been going pretty well lately. Don't mess it up. Use the site for what you want and let others use it for what they want and all will be well. Much informative literature has been shared and debated peacefully. In my opionion the site is for sharing information about our common situation. That can go from the personal, how are you, tell me about yourself, to reference to specific data on various web sites. Each of us likely will get something different from our involvement in this site.


larry - January 31

According to thie forum- "We would like to remind our readers that, according to our Terms of Use, Fibromyalgia Symptoms' forum is designed as a place of open, respectful discussion among its readers with regard to exchanging useful, relevant information on Fibromyalgia. "


jane doe - January 31

Well said JJ1 and Larry, it has been peaceful again. Lyle,if you have a topic you want to discuss, please feel free....


Lyle Anderson - January 31

I guess I'm at the wrong site. I was looking for something a little more personable, including in the sharing of info. We keep hearing from the same people about the same things and I know there are more folks out there. I was one of them for a very long time. I'm just trying to get more people to participate, kind of make this place a little 'homey.' I don't feel it has been peaceful; I got attacked. I think that's abit of a concern. Perhaps when you are policing the site to make it habitable you are unaware of how gruff you can be sometimes. I am concerned about scaring people off.


teresat - January 31

Lyle you are so right!!! I have noticed this also!! The only way to turn things around is to OUT post the infomercials. Unfortunately, I think that most of the others that used to post here, have given up & gone to other sites that are more user friendly!!! This site (this summer) used to be like you described above!! I for one only post here if there is a PERSONAL post from some one that wants a PERSONAL answer, not a clinical dissertation!! Here are some other sites that you might be interested in.... &'s site, LOL!)they might be more what you are looking for. This site under went a tragic reformation a few months back, the insertion of Ads in our posts, banning of some of the regulars that had the nerve to disagree with certain "OTHERS"...etc!! I for one would like to get back to how it was this past summer, but it seems like when the posts go in that direction, then a WAR is the result!!


Connie - January 31

I agree with you Lyle. I can "Google" the information posted lately, and when I do.. It isn't a surprise to see from where it generates. Responses like "Don't mess it up." serve no purpose in promoting respectful sharing and understanding. It has been interesting to search the studies quoted. One might want to see the actual numbers on which these statements are based. Look it up. And while you are at it, notice the lack of "control" subjects given in the studies. Just because it is written, doesn't make it true. Every human disease has a certain percentage of spontanious cure or remission. The nice thing about the internet is being able to say goodbye without feeling bad. If something seems to be too good and way too expensive............Wake up!!!!
It isn't wise to get information from only one source. I wouldn't get only one estimate for my car. Names and companies can be traced and monitored. The source is always the same. I'm out of here.


BrandyO - January 31

I find it very difficult to understand those long post. I will start to read them but it is all too medically technical for me. Altho it may be good info I just can't understand it. So I usually end up skipping over them. I wait to hear from people that talk about the everyday ins and outs of this syndrome and how it makes us feel. I can relate to that. But on the other hand some may enjoy those post so I say they have as much right to post as any of us. Like I said before, I read what I want and skip the rest. Have a wonderful evening everyone! :)


dream69 - February 1

This forum is both personal and informative and I've kept my promise short posts only with references!


teresat - February 1

Connie that is not the answer. Please don't leave the forum, JUST START POSTING MORE!!!! There ARE people here who are waiting for the PERSONAL POST to come back!!! Let them post their there dissertations! We will post our personal, emotional, friendly, caring post to one another!! Remember.....those that.."CAN" DO.. & those that .."CAN'T" PREACH, LOL!!!


tcmby - February 1

Teresa/Brenda & Lyle/B stop causing trouble... why do you insist on bringing up the past? if you were attacked... is attacking others the real way to go? ya think? You guys do not regulate who posts what, this site does.... and some of us really enjoy educating ourselves & appreciate their posts & the help! so take what you like & leave the rest.... or leave ... Please!


tcmby - February 1

p.s. dream69... who is regulating the size or length or your posts? you go ahead & post whatever you like... long or short! that is up to this website to monitor... Not Anyone Else! so many of us appreciate your time & efforts... so please dont let yourself be bullied, its bloody ridiculous!


Iori - February 1

Amen to that!


JJ1 - February 1

Gosh, I guess the site is whatever you want to make it. I just don't read the posts I am not interested in. Personally, I avoid the longer posts of cut and paste information because they are very difficult to read in this format. I personally prefer the web link and maybe a brief synopsis of the relevance of that link. I am here for sharing and exchanging information about our common problem. I do not want to stop others from using if for their desires as long as it is within the purpose that Larry quoted above. So let's not gripe about content or what has been posted lately. for some it has been helpful and useful. and if you want to discuss something else, go for it, don't just sit there and gripe about the stuff you aren't interested in.


Lyle Anderson - February 1

To everyone: First, the point about being 'attacked' is simply to note the events that seemed to cause it. Second, it seems the lesson from the responses posted here is that you should post what you want and attack NOTHING! Those of us who need the more personal posts should go ahead and post and try to make this place as cozy as possible. Those who wish to post more technical posts and make this place as informative as possible, great. That way we will have a cozy and informative forum. But the key is that nobody attacks anybody; JJ1, keep it cool. If we have all three things: cozy, informative, non-aggressive, we will have a very happy place, indeed, and perhaps those who fear to leave will want to stay.


Lyle Anderson - February 1

So let's all be nice, warm cozy, and informative.


Iinda - February 1

Lyle just stop it! Barbar spouted the EXACT same sentances as you - VERBATIM! "Let's get to know each other" or "Let's make this place more homey" ... in those EXACT SAME words! Stop trying to CONTROL this forum! Do you really think we are total idiots out here? Your posts & lies are SO transparent its PAINFUL! So stop it... stop bringing up past grievences to stir up more drama! This is a GREAT place when you & Teresa are not lurking about... you simply cannot leave this forum in peace for more than a week, before cooking up something else to disrupt everything! You ladies need to be held accountable for this BS & you need to get some real "live" friends to play with or a hobby or SOMETHING! Leave the people who are out here for the RIGHT reasons alone!



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