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Confused About Gluten and Celiac Disease?
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January - December 29

I've been looking through a really good website. Put in the w's and (dot) celiac (dot) and com.
This looks very comprehensive - a big website with a forum and a lot of interesting links.

Celiac disease is often a "silent" disease - that can kill you! Many symptoms overlap with fibro symptoms. Getting a decent diagnosis is difficult, the tests are often inaccurate, and most doctors do not understand the symptoms or the disease. (IMO, the best way to find out if you have gluten sensitivity is to try the diet for 10-12 months. If you feel like a new person, there's your answer! You need to stay on the diet strictly for this long because it takes the small intestine about 4 months to heal from the inflammation, then your body needs to recover, and that takes time.)

For decades, American medical schools taught very little about celiac, and if they did, they said it was extremely rare in the US. NOT! Dr. Fasano's recent study proved that 1 in 133 people have full-blown celiac disease (the MOST severe form of gluten intolerance)… and I read earlier this year that a meta-analysis showed 1 in 7 people have some form of sensitivity to gluten.

It's really worth educating yourself, because this disease can cause all kinds of nasty problems over time -- problems with just about any part of the body. Your small intestine is inflamed (painless) and can't absorb food well, so people usually have vitamin and nutrient deficiencies - and you need these to function and repair your body.

Osteoporosis, bone pain, skin and dental problems, depression, and fatigue are common. If you have mouth sores or painful red cracks in the corners of your mouth, you may have a gluten sensitivity. Some people have IBS symptoms, but NOT all. (Doctors consider this a GI disease, and will probably dismiss the idea if you don't have IBS.) This condition can lead to intestinal cancers and other diseases. It's worth finding out if you have it, because there is one treatment: a gluten free diet!

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know this looks like a good site with excellent information (hard to find!) Happy New Year everybody!



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