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Confused about diagnosis
2 Replies
georgene - January 14

I don't understand why my Dr. diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I'm wondering if he didn't know what it was and just lumped it under that category.

I've had achiness for over 10 years and severe knee pain if I ate dairy. This winter I had pain hit in both ankles, both knees, both wrists, ankles, hands and my hips. It feels like the joints are burning. I do not wake up with stiffness. In fact, I have less pain in the mornings. The pain increases as my activity level increases. I'm also having problems with insomnia IF I'm not careful to really relax in the evenings. I have foggy thinking but then I've had that since I hit my 50's.

I've looked up the symptoms of Fibro and it says muscle pain. Most of my pain is in the joints. I don't understand why he would diagnose me as having Fibro?

I sure would appreciate your opinions. I'd like to get some help for whatever this is but until I get an accurate diagnosis then I don't know how to help myself.

Thank you!


January - February 4

Hi georgene,

I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with pain, brain fog and insomnia. But I'm glad to hear you questioning your doctor's diagnosis! It sounds like you've already noticed some things that make you feel better or worse. Keep a journal and track what you eat, medications, exercise, sleep, and how you feel. Review it every few days, and look for links between what you've done in the 5 days before how you feel now. You may see a pattern. You already know that you feel better in the morning (maybe it's because you haven't been eating something you're allergic to? Or because you're overweight and having been standing up, stressing your joints?) You say eating dairy makes you ache. Why don't you quit ALL dairy for 6 months and see how you feel? Did you know lots of people with gluten sensitivity are also bothered by dairy? Do you get bad headaches too? I think a lot of "fibromyalgia" is caused by food sensitivities.

You don't say what your doctor did after diagnosing you. Did he offer you any treatment? If you are on the usual fibro drugs, in my opinion, those drugs can make some people feel even worse. They have a LOT of side effects! I have not met anyone who been cured by them. But I have met people who cured their "fibromyalgia" by getting properly treated for Lyme disease, or celiac disease, or vitamin deficiencies. There are so many treatable conditions that cause joint pain and fatigue! Most doctors are too busy to run lots of tests and figure out a real diagnosis - it's easier to stick you into the fibro bucket and give you a prescription. That gets you nowhere. So, YOU are responsible for getting better, and you can do it but it will take work. Google is a wonderful tool. You can type in any question, and get a bunch of articles to read. Youtube is the same. You can educate yourself using your computer. And remember when you're reading that the medical establishment and drug companies are making billions on fibromyalgia and the fibro drugs. If they cure you, they lose a customer, so what they say might be biased. Read what alternative health people have to say also, and then make up your mind about what makes sense to you.

About twenty years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with fibro and gave me fibro drugs. I was glad to have a "label" - but I felt worse and worse, not better. Ten years ago, I was SO depressed, thinking I'd feel awful forever. I'd say I am now about 90% cured of my old fibro symptoms. No doctor cured me. I cured myself. I read Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's book. I quit the fibro drugs. (That was tough! If you're on them, do NOT quit cold turkey - you must carefully taper down.) I found info about severe chronic pain caused by celiac disease. So I tried a gluten free diet. It took time to learn (gluten is "hidden" in so many things - processed foods, soy sauce, medications, even lipstick!) It's just a simple healthy diet of meat, eggs, fresh veggies and fruit. And yes, you will go through withdrawal when you stop eating cake and bread! Because celiac disease causes malnutrition, I took vitamins, minerals and supplements. Drugs (dot) com is a good site to check for side effects and interactions. I was careful, researched everything and kept a journal. After a year, my pain was getting better! I think a lot of our fibro issues are because our food supply is awful. We are poisoned and not getting the nutrition we need from our food. Try to eat some organic fresh food and take a multivitamin/mineral supplement like Solgar. For many people, cleaning up the diet and the environment makes a huge difference, And be patient. It takes time to heal.

I'm still researching. Last year I eliminated fluoride, chlorine and all the drugs and poisons dissolved in tap water. No more fluoride toothpaste. I only drink distilled water - after 6 months, my joint pain is even more improved. I also removed all the CFL bulbs from my house because they put out chemical pollution. (Search on youtube for videos about toxic CFL bulbs.) Little by little, I'm making changes and trying to clean up what I can. Not perfect, but enough to make a difference!

We're all different, so I don't know if what works for me will work for you - but these are steps you can easily take on your own. It sure can't hurt to support your body and clear out the toxins. Wishing you luck on your journey - I hope you find something that helps you feel better. I know it is possible!


georgene - February 8

Thank you, January, for taking so much of your time to respond to my question. I really believe that much of what you said is so true. I have been on a similar journey... trying to discover what may be causing the pain. I have been off of wheat, dairy and nuts for several years and I thought that I was really seeing improvement. This past summer I was doing very well with hardly any flare ups. But then when winter came I was hit the hardest yet and it was completely different.

Your letter encouraged me to continue investigating. Thank you.

I wondered which book of Dr. Jacob's you read?

Thank you again,



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