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Commercial for FMS
7 Replies
lumper - July 12

I was watching tv the other day and saw a commercial for help with FMS. I about fell over from the shock. It gave a website and I visited it. Has anyone ever heard of it?
It seemed pretty legit.


sindee - July 17

I seen a commercial also and had the same reaction I felt relieved to see that FMS suffers might finally be getting some help but the site this commercial gave was


lumper - July 17

Yeah I figured that out after I saw it again but there actually was a website called I couldn't get that site to work to well though. Sorry about the initial misinformation before however. Thanks!


sindee - July 17

No problem I thought it might be possible to have 2 different commercials out there but that was just wishful thinking I guess LOL


JozetteS - July 17

I saw a commercial here in Florida for Interesting website also.


teresat - July 21

Lumper, I saw it too!!!! Of course you & I are from the same area, but I was glad to see that FMS is finally getting some recognition too!! I recently went to a DR in Columbia MO & he said that FMS is starting to get "The Nod" from the government too!! We'll see I am in the process of applying for disability.


charliebrown - July 25

I saw it, too up here in Canada. I went to the site and I was in tears to find something that was so concise and informative. It was as though there was finally some organization out there that is actually trying to do something for us.. Hope that it doesn't stop there. Wish that Oprah would do a show on it . I know that would open a lot of people's eyes to what it is we are suffering with.


aliciasue - July 27

I also seen the commercial. i told my husband its about time.i wish they would have more commercials like that.with morewebsites to educate.myself friends ,and family.some people really dont understand what is fibromyalgia .i try to explain . Im hoping for more websites.thank you



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