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combination of having ocd,anxiety attacks &fm
19 Replies
jrzgirl1 - October 31

is there any one out there dealing with this added with depression, I have had OCD since I was 15 and it is getting worse.please help, it is destroying and taking over my life, all I do is cry


Fantod - October 31

jrzgirl - I am very concerned about you. This is your second post on a weekend when you sound quite desperate. I would like to gently suggest that you see a counselor for some support. It is plain to me that you have no emotional support at home and things are spiraling out of control. Please go and see someone as soon as possible. If that means you have to go to Emergency than do it. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Stacey373 - October 31

Hi Jrzgirl - Are you on any kind of anti-depressant? Some also help with anxiety and OCD type problems on top of the depression. If you're not taking any, you need to talk to your doctor ASAP. If you are taking something, maybe you should look into changing it to help with everything else.

Take care, Stacey :o)


axxie - October 31

Hey girl, I am also very concerned, and would tend to go with Fantod and Stacey's suggestion to seek immediate help.

A number of things can be happening to you, and only a doctor who wil listen to you will be able to see and help you with your problems.

In case you happen to be on some medication, maybe the medication is making you worse.

Please see your gp and a councellor or talk to a very good friend, you do need someone to listen to you and help you through what you are going through.


jrzgirl1 - October 31

I am on meds for anxiety, I really believe it is the situation in which one lives, my pcp said to see a pain mngt, I already have, no help there, I do see a therapis who does prescribe the meds. My reum. gives me pain meds, I just think that I have made so many bad choices in my life, I regret it therefore I am not happy with where I am in life at this point, no support in my family at all. i am just tired of feeling alone when I live with someone( whom I never loved) long , long story, my first love and 1st husband died 3 yrs ago, he was remarried but I never should have let him go, I know what people are going to say, let go of the past, I can't, thats where my good memories are


jrzgirl1 - October 31

i really need a vacation, so after I have a D& C, I am going to go on a vacation, I do not have alot of money and I cannot find a job or for that fact even work, so I thank all of you for your thoughts, suggestions and caring words. I need a break so please do not worry.
God Bless


Noca - October 31

I have OCD along with depression, anxiety, ADD, and FMS. My OCD is down to about 10-20% of what it was before. I suffered from OCD since I was 5 years old. I did 20 sessions of ERP therapy(exposure response prevention) and it REALLY worked well for me, I bet it can help you too.

Some medications to ask your doctor for OCD are Anafranil or Luvox, both are extremely helpful vs OCD.

We are all here for you whenever you need us. If you want I can even talk on the phone or MSN with you if you're feeling down.

Hang in there, ((((((hugs))))))


axxie - November 1

Don't ever regret leaving your first husband, you left him for a reason, whatever the reason was, it had to be a good reason. Now that you feel lonely in your second marriage, you are not happy and don't feel any love in return. What you are going through is selective memory and you are also comparing the good times and the way your first husband handle situation with you with the second husband. When you compare, you are not giving the second husband a fair chance. You need to look at what your first marriage was, and how come you left him. Then you need to look at why you went to your second husband, I'm sure you felt attracted to him and at one point made you laugh and love him in return. But because you have what we call selective memory only the good memories stay, that's the power of your brain. That with time you only remember the good part.

You can't be happy because you compare your second husband with the first one. That's a huge disadvantage and there is no way, will you love him in return.

You have to let go, and start looking at your second husband's qualities and why you married him in the first place.

You have lost all your confidence in a women, you are feeling depressed because of no other then your selective memory of the good times.

I wish you a good vacation and I hope you will return with a new sense of renew for you and your husband.

Hugs and like all the others if you need to talk, write to us and let us know how to get a hold of you, there are plenty of people who would help you work out your feelings. Don't quit on yourself, you are a loving person who has mixed feelings.


kvc33 - November 1

I think a change of scene will do you a lot of good and perhaps it will give you a different perspective on your life. It is one of the things that is recommended for someone suffering from a nervous breakdown which sounds like where you are at. I understand about holding on to good memories, I do that myself, but they alone will not sustain you. You have been saying for a long time that your marriage is not working which means you either have to get out of it or get effective marital counseling. You need to make new positive memories even if they are while you are alone and communing with nature. I get a lot of strength from nature. It is always positive. As for OCD, I have it as far as my thoughts. I think the same thoughts over and over again, and when I try to stop, my brain seems to enjoy sabatoging me. OCD behaviours arise from anxiety. A person feels that if they don't perform certain rituals they will feel overwhelming anxiety and so it is a form of trying to control things. I feel very much that you must rely on God as you understand Him, you need a higher power to be there for you right now regardless of your beliefs and struggles. I know change is very hard and scary but if you don't make some changes you will stay stuck in the pain you are in. Believe that things can change and they will. I wish you peace.


jrzgirl1 - November 1

my husband is and has been abusive to me in so many ways, my mother broke up my first marriage so now what would you do, I married my 2 so my little daughter would have a place to live


axxie - November 1

jrzgirl1, ok, so you say you married your second husband because you needed to give your daugther a home to stay.

Imagine what your little girl is growing up with, a mother who turns a blind eye to the emotional abuse.

This is not fair for that little girl, or for yourself. If emotional or physical abusing is going on. Then you need to leave and leave right now.

Your little girl would rather be in a poor house with her mother who is happy then staying in an abusive emotional or physical relationship.

Yes, it's hard to look at the facts, but if you were so callous in choosing a husband just to provide for yourself and your daughter, then you can ask for a seperation.

No one needs to stay in an physical abusive situation. If this is what is happening to you, you need to see a lawyer at once.

The lawyer will help you with details of what kind of paperwork you will need, prior to you leaving the house.

Such as: house mortage, bank statement, pay stubs for both you and your husband, title to the house, title to the cards and what possession you have. If you have savings, then make a list of it also. Credit card etc.

When you are ready to leave your husband, and have seen the lawyer with all the paperwork, there are two things you can do, ask for a seperation and lay charges on him for physically hurting you and your child if this is the case.

If you wish not to lay any charges, then leave him and let the lawyers fight with him. The lawyer will serve him and tell him what he can and not do. Physically move if you are in danger, if not then let him find himself another house to live in. As a mother you have every right to demand that your husband be evicted. If you are afraid that your husband makes a scene then make sure the police is at home, when he gets serve with the seperation papers and the lawyer can also warrant a non contact order for you and your daughter.

You need to make a plan, it will be easier for you to know exactly where you are going.

Good luck to you and like everyone here, if this is physical abuse please leave, no one deserves to be beaten.

If it's mental abuse the same goes, no one needs and it and it's time to leave.

You and your daugther deserve to be free from any abuse.

Again, if yo find you need to talk to someone or to just lay out what you are feeling, then why don't you post a and we will all be there to listen to you and give you suggestion to help you out. But first you must reach out, no situation that can't be changed.

Soft hugs to you


fancithatt - November 1

I'm pretty ocd too and I'm bipolar (which I hate saying) the combination of meds are what help me through the day. I have had soooo much stress in my life the last 2 years that I can't believe I haven't popped. You can beat this depression. Please check with your doctor about changing your meds. I'm not saying it works all the time but it works much more of the time. I feel for you and would give you a hug if I could.


jrzgirl1 - November 1

My little girl is grown up, she is going through a nasty divorce right now, her husband has become abusive to the point that he has not bought groceries for them in over a yr. they still live in the same house. I have no money/no place to go and we were seperated onec in 91 but like a stupid idiot, I went back, I had my own job and an apt so I thought that I could always leave him again but on my way to work I was hit head on and lost my job, hense dependent on him again, I cannot win no matter what I do, now with fm and other pain problems, no money, he is secretly hiding money in several bank accounts, he does not know that I know, I have no idea what is in our checking as he does everything on line. I cannot even take a vacation now so that is where I am now, he is so controlling and is verbally, emotionally, and mentally abusive, saying that I am F...... crazy, I do not curse so fill in the blanks.


kvc33 - November 1

There are many of us living with chronic pain/illness who are single and on our own so it can be done. You need to find a lawyer who represents battered/emotionally abused women. Get in touch with a local woman's shelter and ask them for advice/referral. If you have any family that would help you out ask if you can borrow a little money so that you can leave. Since you are disabled you should be eligible for financial assistance of some kind. Look into it. In my town there is a organization that advocates for low income/disabled renters. Look into that sort of thing as well. If you have credit cards you can also get a cash advance through them buy going to a bank machine, using your card and withdrawing money. Abusive men can change but only if they want to and are willing to get help. It sounds like you married for the wrong reasons and with all due respect you are going to have to stop depending on men emotionally and financially. I know it's hard to make changes when you are feeling so low but you must otherwise this time next year you will be in the same situation, perhaps worse. TAKE ACTION.


jrzgirl1 - November 1

I have a golden retriever, I would not trust him alone with my husband, he rewards him with food, that is the way his family is, they think that it shows love, my nephew died due to an infection from a stomach by bass surgery, he weighed 695 lbs. I will not leave this dog with him NEVER, I know that some people think that is crazy but it is not


axxie - November 2

jrzgirl1, I'm thinking that you are so desperate that either you are medication are really not the correct one or maybe you are not taking your meds as prescribe.

Your first step which is the hardes, was to reach out, and you did, now the easy part comes, see your doctor and get your medication adjusted.

In a few weeks you will be feeling better, and then you will see clearly and be able to see the light.

If at that point, you are desperate to leave your husband, then it will be time, to seek help, either from a lawyer that represent abused women and reach out to them, they will help you.

Even if your husband hides money, it's un-important the lawyers will deal with that.

Please see your doctor as soon as possible.


jrzgirl1 - November 3

I am thinking that maybe I should put myself in the section for mental problems, I worry so much with this OCD, I count silly things that I think my dog will get or has gotten, I actually go through the garbage to check if the # of cheese wrappers I used in the past 2 days are accounted for, this can be any item, I am driving myself crazy, my husband does not help me by saying oh I gave it to Angel our Golden retriever, it can be elastic bands, paper clips, I AM TIRED of living like this. I love this dog so much, I do not want anything to happen to him, or for God to take him away because I am so crazy, I have been like this with babies and children too. I know I need help so I will be looking for the best hospital to see their programs, I am sorry to bother all of you, I will not anymore, you are all very special people and you have enough problems of your own, fibro fog just makes this OCD worse



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