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19 Replies
iliveinpain - September 13

Don't know why we'd have a problem, but our bodies seem so messed up, ya never know. I'd be interested in hearing, hopefully, ok experiences. I've been putting off my 1st screening for years now. I'm scheduled for next month and just don't wanna do it! It freaks me out! Thoughts anyone??


jrzgirl1 - September 13

it is not bad at all, the preperation is mot fun but they knock you out during it, Get it done, it saves lives


iliveinpain - September 14

jrzgirl1, thanks so much for replying. Ya see, this is what I need to hear, it helps! Thanks again!


canadacalling - September 14

I agree with the others, it is the preparation that is the worst. I had one done a few years ago and there was a polyp, and they removed it. It seems I have diverticulis disease. Anyway, 4 years later I had it done, and it was okay, Recently saw surgeon about continuing stomach and bowel problems and he wants to do another one, in December. Enough is enough,


toots2889 - September 14

iliveinpain, ive had it done and it sounds worse than what it is. I to was really scared, and worried about the pain of it. They gave me a local so i was awake, but couldnt feel much for pain. The problem for me was, i dont do well with just a local. I dont know why, but i start doing wierd things. Ive been known to try to get up, start moving around alot, talking funny, so they always end up knocking me out completely. Do you think anyone could just take my word on this issue? No, they always have to find out the hard way! LOL. The prep for it is definitely the worst part. Just plan on staying real close to the bathroom for quite sometime. If you had a tv in your bathroom, that would help lots!! LOL. Take care and let us know how it goes.


iliveinpain - September 14

toots, a tv in the bathroom LOL funny! Yep, I'll definitely let you know how it goes. I spoke to my docs office today and I'll be knocked out, yay! I wouldn't do it otherwise, I'm such a baby. However, I'm feeling much better about it now after the encouraging words I've received here, and I'm not backing out of it this time. Thanks so much !! :o)

Canadacalling, that's the problem with fibro. We have IBS anyway because of the fibro, so you never know if it's really a tummy related issue or just fibro. It's pretty crazy making isn't it??


chucksusanandgrace - September 15

Hi there!

I had a colonoscopy (my one and only thus far) done less than two years ago. I agree, the prep is the most difficult, but if you can't tolerate go-litely, your gastroenterologist should be able to give you something that is easier (mine did, because I have a sensitive stomac).

I made sure that they gave me enough "twilight" and I don't remember a thing. After the test, I was so glad to have done it.

They can tell so much by that test...and I agree, it saves lives. A polyp takes 10 years to turn into cancer, so if they find a polyp, they simply remove and you are good to go.

It honestly is not bad at all...and I am a pure wimp. If I can do it, you most certainly can too.

God Bless,



axxie - September 15

Yep, we all get it done at one point, gone and came back all clean. Yep, the prep is the worst, then the actual test. I had real bad nerve going and found there's nothing to it. Actually, you just lay down on your side and voila you are out to twightlight zone, and the test is finished. The best thing, is you can say you are one cleaned person. Nothing to do but wait another 5 to 6 years for another tests.


bmcgovern - September 17

Reading all your stories has made me a little less nervous. I go for a endoscopy and colonoscopy on wed. I have had a scope done that is no big deal but when i read what to do to get prepped for it. It made me really nervous and unhappy but it will be worth it. Thanks everyone. :)


canadacalling - September 17

yes it is. What do all you folks take for this Irritible Bowel? I had to visit Dr. again today, and was not my regular but an urgent care one. He first offered me amytriplene because I said I was a fibro person!!! REASON I WAS THERE IS BECAUSE OF THE CRAMPING, BOWEL, THROWING UP? Has anyone had this, so severe and what do you take? Pls. and thanks. lET'S SEE SOME MEDICATIONS YOU USE. hAVE A GOOD WEEKEND. cANADA cALLING.


duhda75 - September 18

I ended having to have a colonoscopy last summer. The constipation got to be too much. I went 14 days without a bowel movement (I know too much info) but, I ended up having a blockage. So, it literally saved my life. I was in so much pain. I still continue to have G.I. issues and the meds probably don't help. But, I am sure to take in extra fiber daily, and miralax or Benefiber also help alot. Good luck:0)


bmcgovern - September 21

I take Hyoscyamine for the spasms. It really helps calm it down. I take Pepogest also that really helps calm it down to. I take Fiber also. Just make sure to eat good to cause when i eat certain foods that upset it it makes me very sick. I hope this helped. Good luck. :)


bmcgovern - September 22

So when you take the stuff to clean you out. Do you have to stay way hydrated? My stomach can only handle so much liquid. I start yesterday at 5pm and it is not very pleasent but it will all be worth it today at 3pm that's when i am getting the endoscopy and colonoscopy done. Did anyone feel kinda sick taking the stuff that cleans you out?


canadacalling - September 23

Yes, I felt very nausous (sp) with that stuff. I am going back to my Dr. tomorrow re this very thing because I have been given only a newer stomach pill.I was in a lot of pain and went in on a Friday, to see another Dr. on urgent care that day. He gave me a prescription for something and IT IS WORKING - GO FIGURE. I suppose the more Dr.'s you see, the more different ways of looking at the problem. How many of you have taken a been given a prescription for something, but don't intend to even get it filled? or do you just say No, I don't want that? should get some responses from Fantod and all you other lovely ladies.!!!!!! Good night all.


bmcgovern - September 23

I had my procedure today. I had a Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy. The procedure went good everything came back normal which is great, but i feel so nasty right now. The anethesia made me very dizzy and nauseated and i still can't eat or drink anything feel to sick. The doctor wants to put me on levbid for my stomach. Has anyone ever taken Levbid?


Marilyn - September 23

Your screening should go just fine IF YOUR DOCTOR KNOCKS YOU OUT for the procedure. Not all of them do it and I don't understand why not, because it's damn uncomfortable if you're awake, and if you're not comfortable then you can't relax well. Mine always partakes of light anesthesia, I sleep through it all, and it enables the doctor to scope smoothly.


jezz - September 24

Ive had it done and its not that bad. I am writting to you on the day of my next op on my bladder would rather have a colonoscopy than what i am facing today. But if it gets results and stuff sorted instead of suffering go 4 it. A few mins of discomfort and you r done



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