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College Students...
11 Replies
nowanyasays - October 18

Hey guys, I'm hoping to find other college students with FMS.

I'm 19 years old and have been suffering from FMS since I was in 7th grade (although I wasn't diagnosed until 10th). I'm now a second-year college student and I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. I seriously think I've gone off the deep end. I've barely been able to get to my classes this semester so I have three F's at the moment (and I'm usually an A and B student)... I'm SO stressed from school and have become severely depressed. I've had four panic attacks in the past week and I'm having the worst flare of my life. I can barely get out of bed except to pee anymore because I'm in so much pain and so tired. I wish more than anything that I could take a leave of absence for a semester but I'm afraid I'll never go back. And my parents would disown me... I'm past my breaking point and I don't know what to do! I can't even escape and have fun with my friends because I'm in so much pain all the time. Are there any other college students on here that are going through something similar??


lucky13 - October 18

Not only am I a college student, but I also work full time and have 3 children, so it's even harder with fibro.
Have you visited your schools disability office? With working with them they can help you with missing classes, extended deadlines, better parking etc. Also do you have a good Dr you are working with to keep your symptoms somewhat manageable?
Make sure you are doing what you can to manage your symptoms, and work with the disability office so hopefully you can bring up your grades, trust me, you'll have to retake those failed classes and if you receive federal aide you will lose it if you fail them again. Good luck, and hang in there, giving up and letting Fibro win is the worst thing you could do.


nowanyasays - October 19

OMG! When was the last time you slept??? Yes, I have visited my school's disability office but I've been so sick this semester that even extended deadlines haven't helped me out... and I've missed SO much class... like, I've only been to about half as many as I've missed. I have a great doctor who I've been working with for years but for some reason I'm feeling so much worse this semester. And I would never give up and let FM win... I think I need to take a semester off in order to keep it that way. If I continue to be this stressed, I'm really just going to break.


lucky13 - October 19

Does your college offer online classes you could take. With my 3 kids and work, online classes at my university is my only option. For me the class work online is a little harder because I am in an accelerate program and my courses are only 8 weeks long, but you wouldn't have to find the strength to physically go into class, this maybe something worth looking into.
As far as sleep, I don't now, I just had a baby 4 wks ago, I had a vacation from my fibro for about 6-7 months thanks to my pregnancy so I was able to play major catch up on course work, but now my symptoms are back full force, and a newborn who won't sleep at night, so right now I am struggling a little.
Hopefully your parents will be understanding since you have been struggling with fibro for a while.


llcsmom - October 19

Hi Nowanyasays,

My daughter is in 8th grade, and was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. So, you were about the same age as she is now, when this all started for you. We are concerned about how college will be for her in 5 years if things don't get better--she misses so much school now. The school is supportive, and she has a form of a 504 plan--accomodations.

Did you have a plan in high school? She, too, is usually able to still get A and Bs. All I can say is that you may have to stop this semester, and pick up again next semester. I know some students wind up taking courses on the internet, maybe you can check into that?
Good luck,


nowanyasays - October 19

Hi Llcsmom,

Believe it or not, college is actually a much more conducive environment for managing FM than high school or middle school is. You can pick out the times of your classes and spread them out over the week so that you don't have to do too much in one day. Your daughter should be able to get a reduced courseload and will potentially only have six class periods in a week. There is a TON more work but you usually have more time to complete it. I actually did quite well my freshman year (all A's and B's) so I think I'm just having a really hard semester. I think part of the problem is that ALL of my classes are on the same day. I wanted to try it out and see if it was just easier to get them done and then have 5 days out of the week to recouperate... boy was I wrong! And I'm not interested in taking internet courses because I think the social aspect of college is good for me and my FM. While I haven't been able to go out with them so much this semester, they have been here for me. I'm not willing to give that up.

As I wasn't diagnosed until the very end of 10th grade, I didn't have accommodations until junior and senior year. I went to a small private prep school so they were pretty understanding. If I couldn't complete an assignment, I was always able to make it up... or if I missed a test or a quiz, the teachers would let me retake it. I never really went through the school, I just went up to my teachers and told them what was going on... my school was pretty special and the teachers were absolutely amazing and really cared about us and our success on an academic and personal level. The only thing that really hurt me were my absences. My teachers were lenient to a point... but the state requires a certain number of hours in a class in order to pass it. That was definitely my biggest struggle in HS. 7 hours a day, 5 days a week!? Are you kidding?? That's practically torture for FM patients!


nowanyasays - October 19


I can't even imagine how hard it must be to do all of that and have FM! I'm truly impressed! There are no internet classes at my university and, from what I've heard, you are not allowed to live on campus at most universities if you're taking online classes. Right now, my friends are the things keeping me semi-afloat right now and I'm not willing to give that up.


microsleeplisa - November 9

Hi. Everything you're feeling, I am feeling just as well. I'm a 19, a sophomore in college, and it is completely overwhelming to be this age with fibromyalgia. Because my diagnosis was in April, though I've been suffering since August of last year, getting this syndrome has been beyond frustrating. I live in a building with elevator access, and because sometimes it is hard for me to move, I take the elevator up to the third floor a lot. It's always both depressing and irritating when people make comments or snicker at me, implying that I'm just too lazy to take the stairs. Last week, I had a panic attack. I was hospitalized and then opted to enter into a respite treatment facility for a night. So I can totally feel for you. It's so frustrating too because in college it isn't a well-known disability, nor does it seem all too common for our age group. I always feel old because every time I tell a professor that I have fibromyalgia, the professor always replies with a "oh my grandma or my mother or my stepmother has that!" All anecdotes aside, I just wanted to respond to say that I am definitely going through a similar situation. And more than anything, I have wanted to find someone else who is going through this just as I am. If it's advice you might be seeking, I have a few questions first.

Do your parents support you well emotionally through this ordeal? How about your friends? What accommodations are afforded to your through your college's disability services?


lovlyliz13 - October 29

hi nowanyasays.
I just know found your post . I know that it is from last year . So im assuming that you are now 20 years old . But I am also a 19 year old college student suffering from fibromyaliga . I know very well how you are feeling . I am in a middle of a "fibro flare " right now . So I understand very well . But if you get this message just give me a shout back !


x1xsarahx0x - November 17

hi.. i am a senior this year and i was just dignosed about 2 weeks ago.. and i cant even go to a real college at this point i gotta go to a 2 year. i cant even wake up in the morning by myself and i have 5 alarms.. i also have ibs and i am constantly sick and i know if i went to college i would get sick beacuse of the? food i'd be eating.. can you wake up by yourself? how does fibro and college work for you? and were you able to get any grants for it beacuse of your fibro?


Noca - November 18

I'm in college too with fibro hanging on by my nails! I just try to take it one day at a time along with the right combination of meds and I just might see this one through. You should go to a pain clinic if your pain isnt well enough controlled.


DarkChoco - December 13

Hi. I am in the same boat as you. I started to have pains when I was in eighth grade. Diagnosed with arthritis at first in ninth grade. I didn’t get a fibromyalgia diagnosis until the end of tenth grade.

I wanted to take a leave of absence next semester but I can’t. My parents are overseas currently because my dad was diagnosed with cancer recently. They can’t help me move out so I have to come back for spring semester.

I am also a sophomore in college.I will be 20 in a few days. This semester has been terrible for me. My grades have been slipping. I’ve never received so many C’s, D’s, and F’s on individual assignments since tenth grade when my flares were numerous and severe. I’m usually an A student so this is unusual for me. The pain mostly lies in my hands so doing everything sometimes seems impossible. This includes eating, showering, and brushing my teeth. I get accommodations for extra time on tests, extensions on homework, using the computer for tests, and etc but it sometimes seems useless. I’ve been getting accommodations since tenth grade.



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