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college student frustrated- degenerated,painful vertebrae?
8 Replies
rie - August 5


i'm a college student and very frustrated with fm- it gets harder and more debilitating everyday, even with things like opening doors and washing hair (reaching motion). typing and writing are impossible. my head feels like a ton, neck and back are crunchy, achy, knotted. i have a slew of other debilitating symptoms throughout my body.

My vertebrae hurt a lot upon touch- does anyone have this, at such a young age?
my mri also shows results of spondyltic changes and bulging discs in my cervical spine (degenerative) and i have yet to get mris of rest of my back. its so discouraging to have this at such a young age.

i have pain head to toe, and flares come pretty much daily- i am going to the chiropractor but i haven't experienced much relief. does anyone else have spinal issues?i have tried series of other treatments with no avail. i do aqua therapy, whirlpool but after this i feel even more wiped out, not an ounce of energy.

anyone with suggestions?



Question - July 30

Have you tried Diagnostic nerve blocks to locate your pain.


stephanie - July 30

Well.. I am probably not as young as you, but I am only 28 and had Fibro issues for many years.. I too have a lot of issues with my spine.. a lot of pain and limited range of motion..Fibro is not typically a degenerative condition.. but often goes along with these things.. You may want to consider spinal manipulation from a chiropractor.. sometimes it only takes once a week to keep things in alignment and reduce pain and pressure.. I understand the frustration.. especially when you are young and it seems like you are so limited.. Keep your chin up.. see about a chiro or pain meds or even a good exercise routine .. I recently joined a gym and within days my stamina and endurance had improved.. Good Luck !


rie - August 1

nope, i have not tried nerve blocks- do these help? i am currently seeing chiro 2X wk, no results. i also go to the gym daily, and do gentle exercises. i'm on lots of supplements too. i'm hoping for something good!
thanks, best wishes


Lynne - August 1

My next step will more then likely be nerve blocks, I have a torn rotator cuff and had an injection a few months ago the pain has improved by about 70% I can still feel the pain if I lay the wrong way or extend my arm the wrong way. Best of luck! I have been going to the Chriopractor for 2 years and at one time it was 3 times a week for almost a year. I have seen results but nothing to say I feel great.


doug - August 5

Please do yourself a favor and read John Sarno's books...It will be the best thing you ever did.




Debra - August 5

That person is Tanner not Doug.He is out.


Doug - August 5


I responded to one of your other posts in this forum. I have no idea who Tanner is, but the discussion between you and him was brought out in the forum. I post as Salamander in that forum and I have no desire to engage in a war of words with you or anyone else. My post was meant to help others find a "cure" for a painful and debilitating problem. I wish you the best.




Debra - August 5

Doug you are Tanner And your playing a very sick head game.I'm going to report you.I HOPE YOUR HAVING FUN TRYING TO FUCK WITH MY MIND.THOSE BOOKS ARE BULL SHIT JUST LIKE YOU.LEAVE THE OTHERS ALONE YOU SICK FUCK......



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