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KathywithaK - December 21

I suffer severely all over my body with Fibromyalgia, but I just started a new job where 1 1/2 days out of every week I do ALOT of manual labor posting For Sale Signs in yards, etc. The cold weather has set in and my Fibromyalgia has gotten much WORSE! I can't recoup from just the cold weather let alone hold this job down...please...can anyone help me out with a possible solution to relieve some of this pain? I am willing to try anything at this point or I'm going to lose my job!!


tonyab1838 - November 26

I understand how you feel, I live in Indiana. Unfortunately, I don't know of anything to do except possibly put warming bags (like hunter's use) in your pockets. They also have gloves and socks, some with warming bags and some that you put in the microwave. I actually have socks that I wear around the house that are battery operated and that does help. Other than that I would say try to change jobs, so are inside. Go through a staffing agency and see what they can do for you. I hope that this helps. Take care and God bless!


Jean - November 27

Hi Kathy: I think your body is telling you to get out of the cold and slow down. Being stressed is not an option here. You need to be in where it is warm and have a job that is less stressful. Fibromyalgia is a life changing experience and hard to deal with so listen to your body and your doctors and get the best treatment that you can to help you with this debilitating disease. I feel for you and I know so well.


joanne - December 9

i agree with jean. i had to slow down and give up alot of things including my diploma at university.however i dont think you have to go that far with your job.ask your employers if they can find you something else to do indoors or where it is less cold because of your disability (you may have to get a letter from your doctor stating that you have fibro and that these conditions you are working in 1 and half days a week are unsuitable) your employers should be able to find a suitable alternative hopefully....remember they cannot discriminate because you are disabled...or else they are breaking the law. hope you get sorted and get well soon. (Nopaine is a very good topical ointment/ is a painkiller and is all natural...i use it and it is good but a little expensive at £19.99 but it last for ages and isa well worth it..also i take strong oregano oil which is apparently a natural painkiller (check with your doctor id say first though) but these have helped me.
kindest regards


KathywithaK - December 20

Thank you to those who have responded to my cry for help!! I am in a position where I think I might get fired because of my talk of my illness...I love this job and am very excited about it. What should I do if they fire me over not being able to do the outside work that is part of my job. I am doing 110% while I am out there, but I am usually in pain afterward and it totally ruins my weekend because I am trying to recoop before having to get back to work on Monday's. Real Estate is very exciting to me and I truly excell when it comes to my work in the office...he complimented me on how fast I have learned everything but that he doesn't think I can do the outside part of it...this was said to me the first week I started there...pretty much setting me up for failure before being given a chance to prove myself. My husband even went out and bought a drill and drill bit to help me to put holes in the ground for the For Sale signs in the has really helped and I told my boss that this was going to solve my problems of having to post the signs into the ground with a hammer...which in most cases didn't work out too well...the signs fell during rain, etc. I just want to make sure I don't lose this job over mentioning my illness...and that's what seems to be happening...I feel like he might try to get rid of me just after the holidays. What should I do??? He hasn't complained at all to me since I got the drill...and I've been doing this job for 6 weeks now. Someone please help me to know what to say to him if this happens. Thank you and I hope everyone out there has a Merry Christmas and a Blessed Holiday Season!!!!


Jean - December 21

I think if this illness is disrupting your job and making your health worse then it is your responsibility to tell him what is going on. If he really thinks good of you he will accomodate you. If you are pushed out the door then something better is out there for you. It is a scary decision and only you can make it. Look deep into yourself and find the words to tell him. Good companies keep good people but then good people are sometimes thrown away. This is a hard one. I was thrown away but I'm now with a good company that will work with me. They know my problem and I've been there 4 days now.
Good Luck. Happy Holidays.



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