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cold sensitivity
7 Replies
Gabbie - May 11

It's been a long time since I've posted here. I've noticed recently that when I go out in a cooler temperature with a short sleeve blouse on, my skin feels like it's being hit with a freezing cold, light rain drizzle. The first time it happened that's what I thought it was, then I realized it wasn't raining and now everytime my arms are exposed to cool air, that feel is there and it's awful because it sort of hurts too. Anyone else have this? With the change of seasons, I'm getting most of the symptoms of fibro and I'm in terrible pain all the time and the mood swings are out of control. Anyone else?


ptalana - May 11

Hi Gabbie, welcome back!!!!
Wow, this is one symptom that I haven't gotten yet, it sounds horrible. I know that I can't stand extremes in temperature, my feet and hands are always cold.
It's gotten so bad that I'm embarrassed to shake any one's hands, when I do they are always startled by how cold they are. As for the pain, oh yeah it's out of control especially lately with the weather being out of whack and all. I've never really been bothered with the mood swings, well as of yet;)
I wish you better days ahead, Patty


Noca - May 11

My body can't regulate temperature properly anymore because of the meds I'm on. As a result I'm usually really cold all the time.


Fantod - May 11

Gabbie - You might want to be checked out for Raynauds which can be one of the "perks' associated with Fibromyalgia. It could also be nerve pain. Either way, I would discuss it with your doctor. And, welcome back!


lucky13 - May 11

I would also suggest it's Raynauds. Do your finger nails and toe nails turn blue or purple when exposed to coldness, or if you were to hold a piece of ice, would that bother you?
For me if I were to hold a piece of ice, I would get a horrible burning sensation in my hand. My hands and feet will hurt if cold.
With Raynauds you have to protect yourself from the cold temps, gloves, long sleeves etc. If your body is exposed too long to the cold, damage can be done to the blood vessels.
Talk to your Dr about it. Mine asked me about these things, but when I was diagnosised with Fibro I didn't notice the problems with cold temps since it was early October and still really warm. I'll be talking to my Dr when I go back.


Gabbie - May 13

Thanks for the welcome back and well wishes. Had some pretty rotten times, as I'm sure everyone here does and kinda got away from this. Realized "talking" to everyone here helped and I missed being a part of it. I don't have the symptoms that go with raynauds so I'm a little confused as to what this sensation in my arms is. I also get a feeling of electrical shocks in my hand if I use a particular upright vacuum and it can be pretty uncomfortable. I'm thinking maybe it's some sort of weird nerve thing like fantod mentioned. Hi fantod, I remember you. Hope you are doing ok! I think I'm in that flare season because most of the symptoms of fibro are getting me. Spring seems to be the worst time of the year for me. Anyone else?


Fantod - May 13

Gabbie - I've been having a hellish time this spring too. It has been raining here nonstop which always makes my symptoms flare. Today I felt like I had been run over by a truck that backed up and did it again a couple of times. This is the worst I've been in a while. I'm not sleeping, eating everything within reach, my head hurts and I can't find anything that is comfortable to wear. I'm going back to bed and hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Take care and don't be a stranger.


fibro78957 - May 23

I am very cold sensative. Even a slight change in temperature makes me ache very bad. The humidity and change in barometric pressure with weather changes also makes me hurt. If I get in a cold place, my hands and fingers turn red then blue and purple and hurt real bad. My rheumatologists said that it is raynaud's syndrome which is a common symptom of FM.



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