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Co-workers,boss,and job BIG problems
5 Replies
dalejr62 - November 19

I cant take my pain pills at work because they make me sleep. Coworker called headquarters and turned me in for snoozing on the job! Boss says no more sleeping, so I sit there and hurt which make me unbearable to be around. When my "crew" come in they can tell Im hurting. It's very uncomfortable around there. I'm going to see a rheumatologist in Dec. Im afraid Im going to be fired from my job because my boss even said that I was really unable to do my "Job Reqirements". Im scared of how Im going to make it. I Guess I just wanted to vent and see if anyone has any advice. Also my co-worker is working nights and she sleeps right there at her desk. I was going out to my mini van in the back seat where my windows are tinted, all the "crews" leave during the day and then they come in in the afternoon. My boss new I was doing this but was saying nothing coworker went over his head. What would you do about this situation?


JoniB - November 19

Check with your Dr. to find some pain medication that you can take at work that won't cause drowsiness. Also I would ask the Dr. about a letter for work for going on light duty or restrictions you may need. Write everything down for your upcoming visit with the Rhueumatologist and ask a lot of questions. I would not go out to the van to sleep unless it is your dinner break & make sure someone can call/wake you up when break time is over. If you complain about your co-worker, management will think you are just trying to retaliate and it won't make you look any better. If it's real bad use up your sick or vacation days. There is always the family medical leave act. I'm not sure what all that entails. Try not to give them any reason to fire you. Hang in there. Hopefully you will get the several upcoming holidays off & paid for. This time of year is stressful for many people. Hopefully your situation will get better under the Dr.'s care. Take it one day at a time. Believe me, stress and worrying make fibro worse! Good luck to you and try to enjoy the holidays. Joni


dalejr62 - November 19

JoniB Thanks for your response. Ok first of all I ask my doctor to give me something different, He said Lyrica is the best thing for fibro. So I either take that or nothing. I will take your advice on writing everything down to ask the rhuem. I ask my supervisor about sleeping in my van and He said no not while on company property. He said drive to a road side park if you want . Yes we will get holidays off and paid vacation. I had forgot about family medical leave. I'll check into that. It's hard not to worry because we are down sizing and I'm afraid that with this fibro I will not be rehired.


dalejr62 - November 19

I meant to say I ask my sup.about sleeping in my van at lunch . ( sorry )


Connie - November 20

I used to have a kitchen timer in my car when I had to stop for a nap on the way home from work.It continued beeping until I turned it off. It probably would be better to depend on an alarm in addition to the co-worker. I hope you take time to do something nice for yourself even if it's a small treat.This is a hectic time of year for everyone, especially those with chronic illnesses.Please take care of yourself.


Fantod - November 21

First of all, you have a documented disablity. The company is required by law to accomodate you. However, I think you have pushed the envelope by sleeping on the job. Your boss had no choice but to respond to the complaint since your co-worker went over his head.
Look up the Family Medical Leave Act and get educated to protect yourself. The American Disabilities Act has bearing on your situation as well. You could have your Dr. give you a lower dose of Lyrica or Gabapentin for work hours and switch to a higher dose at night. Do you get any quality sleep at night? Your Dr. should have you on amitriptyline to help. Your muscles need to rest adequately. Poor sleep and muscle pain go hand in hand. Also try taking Malic Acid (825 mg) twice a day to alleviate some of the pain. As always, be careful when trying new supplements or medicaton. This is a scary time for you and I am sorry things are so difficult. Get educated and get your Dr. onboard to assist you in dealing with your employer by writing a letter descrbing your condition and the need for accomodation. Frankly, it might make them think twice about "downsizing" you for fear of a lawsuit. Best of luck to you - let us know how you are doing.



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