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Cmv / low prog
2 Replies
ccc - August 24

Hi, has anyone that has been diagnosed with fibro/cfs also tested positive for the Cmv virus (herpes family). I have been sick for 10 months now. Diagnosed with post viral fatigue but also with fm/cfs symptoms. Just wondered how common this is? I have been tested twice and still showing a active infection.
Also, my progesterone has tested really low. Anyone tried natural progesterone creams? So sensitive I'm nervous about taking anything.


Pikespeak - August 24

Hi ccc! I used the yam progesterone cream when going through menopause. No problems. What did your doctor suggest?


January - August 25

I use progesterone cream at night sometimes - it's good for calming you down. Just don't overdo it. You could try using a very small amount and see how you react. Also, read the label and make sure there's nothing in the cream that you're sensitive to - sometimes there are a lot of added ingredients.

Try googling "fibromyalgia and CMV" - you'll get some info. Also, you'll get a LOT if you google "Fibromyalgia viral." There are some doctors who specialize in treating viral issues with fibro. Some advertise on the internet and will work with you or your doctor. I think there is an overlap of viral illness with fibromyalgia in a number of cases, but not all. This is just one subset of fibromyalgia.

I have used antiviral drugs and found they helped with brain fog and fatigue. If you have Epstein Barr, CMV or varicella (chicken pox and shingles) those are all varieties of herpes virus. You might ask for a trial of something like acyclovir (the oldest one out there), Valtrex (hard on some people) or Famvir. If one doesn't work for you, another one might. I think it is kind of weird that doctors just let these viral diseases run when there are treatments easily available now.

I read an article a while ago suggesting that doctors treat shingles outbreaks immediately with antivirals. Many doctors don't do that… and some people get repeated outbreaks of shingles due to low immunity (it's not true that you only get it once). The problem with shingles is you can get a chronic pain syndrome called post-herpetic neuralgia if it is allowed to run its course, so it makes sense to treat it as soon as possible with antiviral drugs. Just my opinion!

A very old natural treatment that has antiviral properties is olive leaf. You can buy that at any health food store. Also, read up on acidic diets versus alkaline. If you can keep your body more alkaline with diet, it makes it harder for viruses to thrive.

Good luck getting better soon!



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