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Gabbie - October 15

Anyone clumsy? I drop things, bump into stuff and in between my last post, I knocked into my cup of coffee and spilled it all over the desk. Sometimes embarassing especially if someone sees me!


Gavin - October 15

Absolutely, I believe a combination of fibro fog and lack of motorcontrol during periods of increased symptoms.

I stub my toes, fall up and down stairs, walkinto the edge of furniture, if fatigued can drop things like hot drinks.

Chin up :) Gavin


befilledwithjoy - October 22

Yes! Glad to hear someone else feels the same way. I've just recently been diagnosed and there are so many frustrating symptoms!! Now I'm not worried about my kids spilling or dropping something, it's ME that I worry about! What can we do about it?


lisa1 - October 23

Hi Gabbie. I am right there with you. I have a problem with dropping things. I always walk into walls as well. My legs do not want to go where my brain tells them. I used to get embarassed but I just kind of laugh it off with my co-workers now. It is kind of funny , they move out of the way when they see me coming!!


Gabbie - October 23

Oh yea Lisa, dropping things is becoming my specialty. It's the craziest thing. When I grab for something, I could swear I have it and then the next thing, it's on the floor. I also laugh it off because I find that really makes it easier to cope especially when I have those fibro fog moments. And, just yesterday, I was standing with a co-worker and when I started to walk, I did my, oh so famous side-step and when they asked if I had too much wine, we all chuckled at it. Sense of humor and a good outlook means so much!


JJ1 - October 24

It's incredible how many times a day I can drop my cell phone. Mine never lasts very long. I am a two or three phone a year person.


tnichel - October 26

OMG! I'm right there with you. At least now I know there's a cause for it and i'm not crazy. I tell all my friends that if they find me dead that I want my grave stone to say "she did it to herself". There's not a day I don't run into or knock over something. And let's not talk about cooking. My kitchen looks like a hurricane went through it everytime I get the grand idea to cook something. Most of the flour and other ingredients end up on the stove and floor.



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