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close to a diagnosis
4 Replies
dannape - April 19

Hey all,

suspected that i have it, but wondered if it also could be arthritis (specifically rheumatoid) so the dr did a blood draw, but also did the "tender points" test on me, and i had the majority of them, so we are gonna wait and see what the bloodwork shows, then she is gonna send me to a rheumatologist that specializes in fibro.

i just want an explanation, and some relief, sitting at work now, and i feel as if i was hit by a truck, sore ALL over, legs are throbbing.

right now i take 2 50 mg tramadol at night just so i can sleep, but think i might need something more.


Duo - April 19

Welcome to the site. So far as I have been told by neurologist fibro cannot be diagnosed from blood tests so I would be interested to hear what transpires. As regards trying to get a good nights sleep !!!! ugh. I am currently taking 3 x 10mg amitriptyline at night (I take them about three hours before I go to bed so they take effect). Only trouble is they do make you feel groggy on a morning and even more dry than mouth and throat usually are with the fibro. An aquaintance who goes to the same support group as me says she manages on one amitriptyline so everyone is different. I wish you well with your results and good luck with your medicaton.


My Bleeding Heart - April 21

Hello! I have just had a horrible fibro flare, worst of my life, but have the BEST bloodwork I have ever had in 27 years. I also have lupus, so have had lots of blood test over the years.

I understand feeling like you've been hit by a truck, so bad I don't want to move.

I am now taking Ambien to sleep, after getting off of morphine I took for over a year. I thought the morphine wiithdrawl was going to kill me, and had total insomnia for over a month.

My doctors think the lack of sleep contributed to my fibro flare. Now I'm on Lyrica, also, which has helped my pain, but still battle depression.

I used to take Amitryptilene, which helped me sleep and helped with muscle pain.

You need to sleep in order to feel your best (whatever that is for you). Ask you current doc for sleep aid medication, because it may take awhile to get into a rheum. GOOD LUCK, dannape!


dannape - April 22

Thanks for the comments...There is NO doubt that sleep contributes to it. and i don't sleep well at all, i wake up more tired than when i went to sleep. a normal night is waking up at least 4 or 5 times.

could actually fall asleep right here at the teller window. worst times are first waking up, and trying to go to bed at night...stiff in the morning, can't hardly bend my knees to sit down or get down the stairs, and legs throbbing at night, so i can't sleep. headaches have been steadily increasing lately for no good reason.

I just wish the results would come back, so if arthritis is eliminated, i can try to get into a rheumatologist.


dannape - April 22

Well, I got a letter from the dr today, although my sed rate is slightly elevated, the rheumatoid and lupus tests came back negative, she thinks the problem is fibromyalgia, she will be setting me up with a rheumatologist.. I know this will sound stupid, but is there a chance it's not that either? I have a history of having tests run and never finding anything wrong...i just can't imagine that it's not fibro, but you just never know..if i go and find out it's not that, i won't know where else to turn.



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