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KHawley - March 14

My doctor prescribed Clonazepam to help with sleep. Has anyone tried this? I am leary of trying it and am wondering about natural remedies, but I'm also curious about other's experience with this. The brand name is Klonopin. Thanks!


Fantod - March 16

I use some natural remedies to help me sleep. I take amitriptyline (25mg) and 100 mg of gabapentin at night. The latter has to be taken at night or would not be able to function during the day - super sensitive to meds. On top of that I also use 1 mg of Melatonin, 200 mg of L-Theanine, 825 mg Malic Acid and 3-4 calcium supplement tablets. The malic acid and calcium supplement are to help control muscle cramping and twitches during the night. Because I am at that age, I also use Estroven PM which has valerian root. My doctors and nutritionist are fine with all of this. Sometimes I actually have a decent nights sleep. I'd rather have some sleep than none at all. If I was not so super sensitive to meds, I could take more of the amitriptyline or gabapentin. Not an option, so I rely more on homeopathic remedies. Let us know how you are doing - take care.


kaime - March 19

A while back, my doc prescribed Klonopin to help me with depression and anxiety. It helps me feel "calm". I am the type of person that can't take alot of medication. I have had reactions to Paxil and Zoloft, so I was kinda scared at first to try it. It doesn't make me feel like I am "out of my mind". Good luck!


ashmcf - March 25

I am actually a pharmacy student and Klonopin shouldn't be used for sleep on the basis of how we need help with sleep. Benzodiazepines (the class of medications that Klonopin is in) doesn't acess the problem that we have with the sleep cycle. We (fibromyalgia patients) have to things going on not enough time in REM sleep which is sleep that is good for psychological processes and stage IV sleep which helps with physical rest is disturbed. It will be more beneficial to use a medication like Cymbalta, or Effexor, or Elavil to help with sleep. Although these medications are antidepressants they help with sleep and increase the defiency in Norepinephrine which has a role in sleep. In addition Benzodiazepines can cause dependence and will not solve the problem. These antidepressants have also been seen to help with pain especially tenderpoint pain. I hope this helps. I know what you are going through!


chloe3 - March 26

My doctor prescribed Clonazepam (Konopin) last year and I took it about 6 or 8 months to help me through a rough period in my life. However, when it came time to wean myself, it was very uncomfortable, to say the least. I went down 1/4th of a pill at a time every two weeks and still suffered withdrawals. When I discontinued use of this drug, I was surprised that I noticed I had "come out of a fog." I hadn't noticed any difference when I first began taking it. I hope it helps you.


KHawley - March 27

Wow, thank you. This is very helpful feedback.

I have been feeling extremely tired on Clonazepam. I have been sleeping better, but feel like I've been hit by a truck when I get up in the morning. At first, the fatigue would wear off around lunch time. Now, it stays all day. It's worse than when I was on nothing. I am seeing my doc on the first of April to get onto something else. Thanks again! Oh, I cannot take Cymbalta - tried it and bad reactions. Hope there is another answer out there.


jmt - April 7

I have taken clonazapam for quite a few years and I have found that it has tremedously helped with sleep quality . In fact I just had to stop taking it because of some allergy tests I am having done . I haven't been able to sleep at night and have had to use Lynesta sleeping pill ( which my body hasn't reacted well) and I sleep with it but the side affects aren't worth the help with sleeping. But conazapam has helped tremedously and I have found I don't sleep well without it.



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