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class action law suit / neurontin
5 Replies
Louise - February 9

while surfing one day I ran across something about this. Now I can't find it again. Does anyone know anything.


ralph - February 9

please, please respond to my post. i was on neurontin for only three weeks and have terrible problems with it. it caused all kind of weird feelings in my head, panic attacks, feeling like i was disconnected from society, like i was in a dream even though i knew i was in reality. my brother was on this med. for over a year and he developed terrible panic attacks. we both have been experiencing weird symptoms even after being off it for a long time. i always wondered if it messed with chemicals in the brain. my wife is a pharmacist. she warned me about this before i took it. she said it was a heavy duty anti seizure med and she cautioned me against taking it. i took it because i thought the doctor knew what he was doing. WHAT IS THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT ABOUT????


louise - February 9

Ralph, I don't know what to say at the moment. I'm on this drug and I was trying to find some information about it when I ran across this page about a class action law suit concerning neurontin. Before I could read enough / or add it to my favorites I lost connection. I've been trying to find that page again and so far I can't. Thats why I asked if anyone knew anything. I'll keep looking and when I find it I'll post it here. Maybe some one else will know something and post. Sorry.


Suffering - February 9

I found this site,


Louise - February 9

Thank you Suffering, that's a great site. Ralph, you need to check out the site that Suffering found. Hopefully it will help you. As for me, I've decided to start backing off the mg. I'm taking till I'm eventually off this drug. Of course I plan to tell my doctor of my decision and if I really need to be on something for my neuritis,he'll just have to find me something else.


Suffering - February 9

Glad I could help :)



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