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Chronic Sleep Problem
5 Replies
Amy - May 3

I have not been diagnosed with FM, but I exhibit nearly all of the symptoms. I have widespread pain in my back, neck, hips, and knees. However, my worst problem is sleeping. I use a sleep aid (Lunesta) which helps me get to sleep, but I feel groggy the next day and feel as if I didn't get restorative sleep. I am constantly fatigued and it's hard to concentrate throughout the day. This has been going on for about a year now. Can anyone help me understand and how I can get better sleep without feeling so tired throughout the day?


Brverly - April 23

HI Amy, It sound's like you have the symtoms for Fibro. The one thing that is most in commen with those of us with Fibro is that we have problems sleeping. It's best to see a Rheumatoligest as they have better understanding of Fibro than GP doctors. They will then give you the help you need in being diagnoised and if you find you have Fibro they can at least help you cope. Unfortunatly there is no cure at this time but you can learn to live with it. God Bless


Jean - April 23

I'm very sorry but sometimes medication just does not help with those types of mendication.the doctors have to find the right medication for you so let them know.


scarlett - April 30

You might also see a sleep specialist. I have sleep apnea as well as fibro. Even though I use s CPAP I still was not able to sleep. Went to new doctor and he diagnosed me as having restless leg syndrome as along with apnea. He put me on requip and it has made an amazing difference. Many people with Fibro have this too.


Pam - May 2

Amy, Although I do not know your age, if you are in your mid to late 40's you could be expericing fluctuating hormones which can cause sleepless nights. Being a sufferer of FMS for 9 years, as I got into my late 40's the FMS got worse with my cycle each month along with my sleep. I have found that from a
pharmaceutical compounding center (prescription from a doctor) that natural progesterone & estrogen have helped me to sleep better. Along with calcium/magnesium & B complex supplements. I am on no medication for sleep at the present. Talk to your OB/GYN doctor about this. I do encourage if you have a family history of cancer, not taking the synthetic hormones, but finding a OB/GYN doctor that will work with the Natural Compounding Centers.
I am praying for you. Sleep deprivation leads to a lot of other problems too.


AKFlyfisher - May 3

I tried Lunest and Ambien and they did not work well for me. Ambien does knock me out fast, but my back hurt worse. Lunesta I couldnt fall asleep on even. I take Elavil 50mg a day and it keeps me from waking up, but I dream a lot and still feel tired when waking up, Not much the meds can do, the new antidepressents (all of them) didnt help my sleep whatsoever. Take good vitamins, calcium, magnesium, B complex and vitamin c and E and a multivitamin and try to walk daily. Good luck to you.



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