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Chronic Pain Syndrome - Chronic Muscle Pain
11 Replies
fatiguecare - July 4


I heard about some medicine like Anxiety or anxiolytic agents, so what is it ? and when i use this medicine? Reply me asap.

Thank You


January - July 4

fatiguecare - are you new here? Are you asking about medications for anxiety? They are called anxiolytics. You can google those words for yourself and read all about the drugs and their uses. You use those medicines when you have anxiety. Did a doctor prescribe them for you?


nikita3 - July 5

Hi fatiguecare, Magnesium is a natural remedy for muscle aches and pains. You may want to Google it and have a look at the benefits, side effects and deficiency symptoms to see if a Magnesium supplement may help you with your chronic muscle pain.


fatiguecare - July 5

Thank You so much January and nikita3 to share details with me. Actually i search more information about fatigue but i see different types of information on internet, that's y i am asking you, i need perfect information.

Thank You


Jocelyn - July 5


We are all so different and respond to medication so differently, as well. I'm glad you have found these post to be helpful. You may find out, as many of us already have, that you may try many things before you find out what works best for you. As stated above by nikia, some natual remedies work well and I am on some natural remedies for other problems and they work very well. From me, I also needed physical therpy to figure out what was wrong with my muscles and I have a plan of exercises I do in order to help them feel better and stronger. I am doing much better. By doing these exercises I have been able to discontinue one medication and cut down on another. Sometimes medication isn't enough.

Good luck and take care. Keep on researching and trying things.


January - July 5

fatiguecare -- you have put up several posts, but you are asking about different things. I still don't know what your symptoms are. Have you been to a doctor to get a diagnosis? It is best to start with a medical person. Get a proper diagnosis. You have to know exactly what is wrong with your body before you can know how to treat the problem.

Anxiety medication will make you tired.

If you have fatigue, there are many different causes for that. Sometimes a disease is causing it, so you should have a doctor give you a good general physical. Have you been sick with a virus or other illness? Fatigue can be caused by a problem with sleep, for example sleep apnea. It can also be a symptom of depression. It can be a side effect of certain medications.

Please don't just come onto the internet and take random advice. Anyone can write anything on the internet. You might have an underlying medical issue and, if so, taking supplements that work for a healthy person might make you sick. If you don't have a medical background or some basic education to help you understand medical articles, I urge you to contact a physician and discuss your problems there first.


Jocelyn - July 6

fatiguecare...Please listen to January, she is correct. We are not doctors and will never take the place of a good Doctor and a diagnosis. We are a support group who have doctors and know what we have been diagnosed with. We share out experiences and trade knowledge that can be helpful. Please contact a physician, she is correct.


fatiguecare - July 11

Hey Jocelyn and January,

Sorry to ask you about asking non field questions but i just want to share my experience with you and also want to all group members because if they have any information about it then they share it with me. That way i am asking and if you don't know then please share it with other group members and get information. Because i don't have any details about other members....

Thank You so Much Jocelyn and January to help me and i hope you help me ever and ever.


Jocelyn - July 12

Hi Fatiguecare,

Don't be sorry about anything and please feel free to ask whatever you wish. However, I am not sure what you have been diagnosed with,so I am a little confused.

Do you have Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Please let me know.


fatiguecare - July 12

Hey Jocelyn,

Thank You so much to b with me and ready to help me. actually its all about my friend's problem, he have a problem of Chronic Fatigue Syndromes. And he is not more aware about internet so i just help him to know more about his problem.

So don't mind to share more information step by step with me and also share its most effective treatments.

Thank You.


Jocelyn - July 12


I have more problems with fibromyalgia and Sjogren's, so I don't know what to tell you except that if you scroll to the top of this page and in the blue search box type in chronic fatigue. This will bring up post concerning chronic fatigue.

Good Luck, I hope you find some answers.


January - July 15

Hi fatiguecare - Is English your native language? Perhaps you speak another language so it is difficult to understand how this website works. Your English is good, and you can ask anything here. Don't worry about "non-field questions." I have chronic fatigue. I have managed to improve my fibromyalgia symptoms a lot.

What are the major symptoms your friend is having trouble with?
Did the chronic fatigue start after a viral illness? Does he get sick a lot?
Does he suffer from food allergies? From depression? Does he have any other illnesses?
Does he have trouble sleeping? Trouble going to sleep? Trouble staying asleep? Does he wake up tired?
Is it difficult for him to do normal activities during the day? Does he get too tired to function?
Is he able to exercise?
Is he able to work and function normally, or is he spending most of his time in bed?
Does he eat a healthy diet?
Has he been to a doctor? Has he had a good physical workup? Has he had regular blood tests, blood chemistry, check for infection somewhere in the body, test for diabetes, etc? All the normal blood tests that one should have?
If so, what information did the doctor give him? Any kind of diagnosis?

It's very hard to give advice based just on the complaint of chronic fatigue. It's not enough information, so if you would like some help, your friend will have to write out exactly what his complaints are and what his questions are. We would like to help you if we can - but you are not giving us enough information.



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