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Chronic migraines!!!! in soo much pain!!
13 Replies
Kristina17 - November 16

I've been getting migraines for 2 years or more now and not sur eif they are directly related to my fibro or not but it's gotten so bad lately that I can't get rid of my migraines at all. I take Cymbalta, lyrica, voltaren, and many many natural herbs etc but have had to take some metomax in last few days for migraines and have also used a migrastick but nothing works. I've even been using ice a lot but nothing!! I'm so so desperate to get some help!! Anyone else suffer from chronic migraines???


ptalana - November 16

Hi Kristina17, I get migraines everyday as well. Before my diagnosis they were only cyclical and I was able to take Imitrix for them. But now I have daily migraines, and because of the other meds I take I now use Tylenol migraine, it helps a little!!!! One thing that has helped is taking Vitamin D, I would suggest that you have your levels checked as mine were extremely low. This is quite common for Fms sufferers. Vitamin D also helps with some of the other pain we experience.
I also find applying heat, I use a magic bag on my neck helps.
Take care, Patty


Canada17 - November 16

10 minutes of sunshine on your face an hands in the morning will give you your daily dose of Vitamin D. But that is not always possible to do.

I don't get chronic migraines but I do get them when I get stressed out or sleep funny. They are related to the tension I carry in my neck and shoulders.

At the first hint of a migraine, I take one Advil Migraine Liquid Gel and I lay down in a quite, dark, cool room for at least 30 minutes. That usually works...sometimes I have to lay down longer though.


Fantod - November 16

You might want to consider seeing a doictor who specialized in migranes/headaches. You can call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a recommendation. It is possible that your headaches are related to the medication and/or the herbs you are taking. Take care.


brooksidefarm - November 16

Hi all. A word about vitamin D. While technically we can get it from sun, it is shown not to always work. In Austrailia, the government ran a long campaign for the use of sunscreen to prevent skin cancer and found in the long run that rates increased. The results were, that sunblock inhibits the absorption of vitamin D and people were becoming deficient. I live in the country and am outside nearly an hour per day, sometimes more. The issue, is that I usually am covered by clothes and though I do not use sunblock because of the chemicals, I always were a hat to protect those crows feet - shading my face. If you are a woman who uses makeup or moisturizer that is not all natural without sunblock, you probably are wearing it without knowing. Also, medications inhibit our bodies' natural working order and even if you are in the sun or eating perfectly, etc. you may still have deficiency because of the interactions.
I have also had cyclical migraines for years, and since changing my vitamins and adding B they are decreasing. I am being treated for D deficiency as well and will see if that helps. Hope yoiu can find a solution.


Noca - November 16

Topamax mixed with Advil Liquid Gel is the best treatment you can get for chronic migraines. The Topamax prevents migraines and the Advil's kill the pain caused by the migraines you currently have.


axxie - November 17

Migraine Headaches may have many causes and many triggers. Migraine are common in both FMS and CMP.

Do you have fluctuating blood pressure? There are several possible mechanisms involved, this is one big cause for chronic migraines.


KateT1969 - November 18

I had a ct scan yesterday due to migranes i get the resuts tomorrow - but FMS gives me a migrane when an outburst or new cycle of symptoms is about to happen


toots2889 - November 18

Kristina17-I to use to suffer from migraines on a daily basis. They gave me immetrex to help me with mine but sometimes that wouldnt be enough and id have to go in and get a shot of tordal. My
nuerologist put me on topamax and now i maybe get 2 migraines a month and the immitrex works right away. I would ask your dr about it and see what he says.


Noca - November 18

Glad to hear Topamax has worked for your migraines toots2889 :)


chaplin - November 18

Hi Kristina
I also suffer from horrible migraines - almost daily. I am taking vitamin D & B and still can't seem to get them under control. I have had a CT scan and MRI both have come back clear (thank goodness). I have tried everything that I can look up and have been told to by people on this site. Some days are much worse and the migraines can go on for about 8 to 10 days without a break. I find most days mine hit their peek at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. My dr. thinks it is probably due to the medications I took the night before fully wearing off.

I totally sympathize with you. I am home from work for almost a year now and work on the computer which only aggravates the headaches and the pain in my hands even more. I would love to get them under control. They also make me dizzy and feel out of control. I do feel that my migraines are related to my Fibro since they have come with all the other symptoms. My dr. is trying hard to find a solution but in the mean time if anyone else has some suggestions I would love to read them.
Good luck hope you feel better.


luvzminis - November 19

It has helped me to avoid sugar and gluten as much as possible. I don't usually go totally "free" of these, but really keep my foods simple, with mostly vegetables, meats, and a few fruits. Best of luck and God bless!


mypain - November 19

Call your doctor and ask for a shot! I would not take any chances, as the day I had my worst migraine, I had a stroke and was paralized on my right side for a day! I was 20!! Thank goodness it all went away, but migraines are not to be taken lightly. I have since been hospitalized for migraines as my doctor does not take any chances....I take feorinal (sp) for mine, they go away in 45 minutes, no sleep issues..


snowflurree - February 12

I have had migraines for 22 years as did my 2 sons and daughter. Now my granddaughter has started to get them. I will tell you a drug that works for me. It has been around for a long time, it is called Fiornal(generic name is butalbital,asprin,caffein). My neurologist had tried me on Maxalt, Imitrex, and numerous other newer drugs but they only made me really nauseus and I still had the headaches. I take about 5 a day as this drug also seems to help with the fibro pain. Ask your doctor about it.



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