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Chronic Leg Pain
114 Replies
Jocelyn - March 29


I am so sorry to hear how poorly you are feeling. I have had your exact symptoms for years. The problem I had is the more I rested, because it felt good, my muscle became more painful when I did move. I was almost in a wheel chair, but went to a physical therapist. I'm not going to say it went well at first because it didn't, but I kept at it and I am now walking and the pains when I sit are decreasing. I think some of the pain we get is from the connective soft tissue. There is inflammation in there which makes things worse.

Keep up the fight and take care.


bigred042410 - April 9

I had angle surgery on my right ankle in 1997. I played high school basket ball, and suffered several sprains on my right ankle. I found out through the surgery that both my ankle ligaments were not there, they reconstructed them and said it was a complete success. but ever since that surgery, i have been in severe pain, both legs, sometimes to the point where i just want them to be cut off, i can't deal with this pain anymore, it runs my life. but i am not sure if this could be fibro, anyone out there had anything like this happen to them, let me know. maybe there is something to this constant pain i am feeling that seems to have no reason why it is happening.


halle5 - July 22

I have been have been suffering with lower leg pain that also is in my knees it is worse in the morning but can carry over into the day. I was put on tramadol for this it took away all my other fibromyalgia pain but not the leg pain. It is miserable! They increased my tramadol to 12 50mg a day a little over what is usually used but it is still within the laws. Did not help. I also have adhd that I had never treated I accidently ran into a situation (long story) where I was trying adhd meds Focalin regular not xr. Wether it matters which one I doubt it, but anyway it took my leg and joint pain away that tramadol wasn't covering! I am ecstatic! What a relief. So, if you are adhd and are not being treated with that type of med it could be your answer too. I went to doctor and got put on them and when I asked him he said there is data that people with fibromyalgia often have adhd but wasnt sure why it was working. It also helped with my chronic fatigue, I am not saying it gave me tons of energy a little more but I dont keep falling asleep. I also am still taking tramadol just not as much


January - July 23

Halle, thanks for this interesting post. I have ADD, and for a short while I took some older meds for it. A very small dose was all I needed to help me get a lot more done than I normally do, and it also calmed me down in a way. I will have to read up on Focalin. I try to stay away from prescription drugs, and often use a supplement called DMAE (liquid drops) that is used in Europe for ADD. It helps, but only a little.

When you say you have lower leg pain, can you elaborate on that? Is it nerve pain or is it from bad circulation? I have some pain in my knee joints that I treat with supplements - for example Biocollagen II helps a lot - I use something called Replenish. I have an area in my calf that is painful at times, but I believe it is caused by a pinched nerve in my back. Also, if I don't get up and move around, my legs feel a little full - not really "painful" but an odd feeling. A friend told me she had leg pain and it was due to varicose veins, although they don't show on the surface. She started wearing support hose, and it helped the pain, and gave her more energy!


cheyanne - July 23

Im 36 years old. My pain started in my hips when I was about 30. I'd be walking and my hip would just give out. Fell a couple times. Then slowley I started to notice slight pain in my legs. I thought it was the gym, so I quit. At work, being on my feet all day, I started to pay more attetion to the pain. Figured I might of had the beginning of arthritis. The pain would come and go, some days/weeks great. Sometimes great months. The past 3 years have been hell. My hips no longer "go out" as I would say, but the pain I have from my hips all the way down to my feet is so intense. Some days just an intollerable ach, some days burning. I have has 5 days in the past year that I just could not walk. Ended up in the emergency room just for something that would take the pain away. One night I was woken up with pain at 2am. I had to practically push myslef to the tub and hold the walls and got myself in an epsom salt bath, and took two pain killers. I was able to get back to sleep, but missed the day of work. Lately, the pain is daily. I have had an MRI on both legs, twice I was tested for nerve damage in both my legs, spine and neck because of the numbness I get in my hands and feet. Had a doppler on both legs, and x rays. Was sent to physical therapy, and that did not work at all. Even did the stretching at home. The pain just won't go away. My dr. says he dosent know what it is, but tells me to lose weight. I've lost 15 lbs, and the pain is still the same, no change at all. Im 5'9, 215. I have just given up and learned to live with the pain. Im stuck in my house. Some days just sitting on the couch, some days dopped up on pain killers, and I have found that smoking pot helps to ease the pain a little too. Im greatful my supervisor is so undersrand. She will let me sit, and even lay down when I need to. The pain is so exhausting. Just sitting here typing this my knees and lower legs and outter thighs and thobbing. I hate to walk cause people kinda laugh or ask why I walk funny. My legs are soo stiff all the time. Is this a possible sign of FM? Something is wrong with me and I need this issue diagnosed before I quit my job.


Jocelyn - July 24

Just to let you know you are not alone. I have had every single symptom that you have described. I had repeated testing done, even on my hips, but nothing showed up. I finally went to a Physical Therapist (I know it didn't work for you), but he found the problem with my muscle in my hip. There was a huge knot. He did some deep muscle massaging, that really hurt, to be honest. I almost didn't make it through. He also used laser which helped relieve a lot of pain. Did your PT use any laser on your hips. All my major leg pain was being generated from my hips. I do have fibro, but I also think I have connective tissue disease as well. Last winter I had so much trouble walking I almost didn't make it from my office to my car. I thought I would end up quitting work, which I really don't want to.

The doctor that diagnosed me with Fibro was surprised to find out how well I am doing after going to PT. Laser is the key and find a PT that can find the hip problem. Once the hip problem is under control, your legs will feel better.

Let me know how you make out.


jackspratt - August 1



halle5 - August 11

January, I just started researching why the focalin or for that matter even adderall, has taken away my leg pain, when I ran into this sight again. To ellaborate its pretty much what I said, it is there shortly after I wake up in the morning and had started continuing into the day. I am on tramadol 600mg a day and that takes away the other muscle pain from my fibromylgia pain but does not touch my knee and lower leg pain. I have been able to cut way down on tramadol since I started the focalin also as well of two benzos I have been on for years! The lower leg pain is fairly new, maybe a year or so. It was horrible I had been at my wits end! I decided since my previous doctor had now had me down as a drug seeker because that was the only thing that helped was narcotics. I was destined to this added misery to my life! I have switched doctors by the way, but my records followed and my new doctor only prescribed narcotics once. I know they are not good for you but what do you do when your in that much pain and it's ruining your quality of life and you have found a cure. I'm sure like the tramodal it would have only been temporary until my body would need more and more as I got use to them. I could go on and on about what I think of doctors but I wont. I have had nerve testing and circulation testing done they both were normal I do not have varicose veins but as you said they cannot show on the outside but I highly doubt do. The pain is in my knees and in the calves of my legs it is a severe aching feeling. I have lost 30lbs and that did not help and 30lbs has brought me to a thin body, so that was not it either.As I can feel pain in the morning when I wake up some days still, until I take my focalin. Its as if the focalin took my fibromyalgia away and my arthritis pain also. It of course took my chronic fatigue syndrome away also, that was increasing also! If you don't have adhd you may not want to be using a stimulant but you could try it and see. I will let you know in my research today if I find a reason for this wonder drug taking my pain away!I am sorry I cant be of more help, at this time, but will do my best to find some reason.


missesem - May 13

I have had Fibromyalgia for 17 years. (I am 31 years old) I had a gymnastics accident when I was 14 that did some spinal damage and have had trouble ever since. Occasionally my muscles hurt in my calf/shin area but it's more like they are congested than anything. I get it in my arms sometimes too. Other times it's like my nerves have electricity shooting through them and it just plain hurts, those are the times that my skin gets super tender, like a sunburn around my thighs. Honestly, it is different for everyone and the symptoms can be pretty diverse. I have 3 friends with Fibro and it affects each of us differently.



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