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Chronic Leg Pain
114 Replies
staton79 - January 12

My legs hurting was one of my worst first symptoms. We went on vacation shortly before I was diagnosed. We didn't do much walking, but I got to the point that I couldn't hardly even walk at all because I was in so much pain. I still have some VERY bad days with my legs, even on 300mg of Lyrica.


axxie - January 23

I had leg pain and was told I had RLS, but that was the beginning for me with fibro. The only thing I did was walk it off. It was hard and I didn't care what time it was, or the weather. I would wake my husband and say, I need to walk it out. My gp at the time, didn't think I had fibro either, it's only when I couldn't take it anymore and was crying at my mom. She told me about her doctor, so I went to her. At first she said she did not believe in fibro, funny thing is. I was tested for MS, because my MRI suggested I had MS. Went to two neuro and both told me, I did not have MS, but by process of elimination and only this year was I told I had fibro and I'm 51.
Go figure it out, my gp is now treating me for fibro and she keeps telling me, if I have leg problems to walk it off. No pain management helped.


zoomom - January 27

My leg pain is unbearable. I wake up continuously during the night with cramps and pain in my legs and knees. I went to an amuzement park this past summer and had to go back to the hotel every afternoon and soak in a hot tub and have my husband rub them. I can take pain but this is just too much. I find myself crying all the time.. It's affecting my whole family.


sahmraw - January 29

Hi there,

leg pains are the bane of my life. I have pain from my pelvic area to my toes. My right leg has terrible weakness and i am disabled by it. I cannot walk very far at all and have to use a mobility scooter or wheelchair. I am very unstable on my feet and fall or trip easily. My muscles tend to "lock up" and exercise makes them much MUCH worse!! I am currently on my period and every time I come on my right leg locks up and the pain is unbearable.

I have had to attend hospital on several occasions over the last 7 years and have to be given Diazepam (which I am intolerant of) to unlock my muscles.

In the UK we do not have Tylenol. I take Tramadol with dihydrocodeine and paracetamol together to relieve the pain. Often this does not work either.

I was actually coming to this forum to post about my legs and am relieved that the topic is already here.

Good luck all. I can feel your pain right now. I have been awake since 3am and I went to bed at about midnight. It is now 7.30 and I have to get my daughter ready to take to school. Fatigue? Yep I am really tired, but I doubt I will get any more sleep today.


sahmraw - January 29

Oh, by the way I am just 35. I also have urinary problems and am oxybutynin for it. I suffer very badly with FMS. I have most of the associated problems, like tmjd, IBS, bloatedness and weight gain, PAIN!! and sensitive skin. You can barely touch me tbh. I have had symptoms since I was a teenager but was written off as a hypochondriac!! It has been a long painful journey. My mother has Lupus and was diagnosed with FMS on top of it. She is VERY ill.


palmtree81 - February 11

I was here looking for some ideas for my aunt who has been suffering with fibro for many years but felt I should share her trick. She has had terrible leg pains making it difficult to get basic chores accomplished but has found that soaking in an epsom salt bath helps with the pain. She’d been buying the same box for years but while in Walgreen a couple days ago, we found a new Epsom salt product in the elastic bandages section, called Pepsom Sports. She decided to try it and really loved the new spearmint formula as well as the relaxation from soaking. Just thought I would pass this information along to anyone struggling with this disease.


ItsmeWayne - February 12

Wow, I have recently been dxed with fibromyalgia and I have had terrible leg pain for several years now! It looks like a common thread with many of us here!
I truely has been my worst complaint and is quite debilitating to me!
Itsme Wayne


jakecole - February 12

Does anyone just have pain when laying on side at night? I have severe pain in my right leg from my hip down past my knee if I lay on either side. The pain stops if I lay on my back. I never get more than an hour or two sleep since I have enormous difficulty sleeping on my back. My orthopedist has given me injections in my hip and knee bursus which hasn't helped at all. Xrays show slight arthritis but the pain appears to be my muscles and not my joints.


axxie - February 12

I think we all have leg pain, and yes it mimics PAD, I got tested and was told there was nothing wrong with my legs. Sometimes you get leg cramps, or just plain pain and discomfort, sometimes I get the restless leg syndrome or the just simply trigger points in my legs. Upper or lower leg cramps, that's because of dehydration, electrolytic imballance. It could also be because of the medication you are on. If you have nocturnal calf cramps. Alot of these pain are caused by a vitamin or mineral imbalance. Try taking a multivitamin that is complete with minerals. One that I recommend because it has no fillers, no yeast, no color, or dies is Materna, for men try the Centrum brand, but make sure you go for the one that has the most complete vitamins and minerals. You pain should come down some.


fred02 - June 16

Hi Haligoo - can I ask what nerve medication you are taking? Sounds like you have had some great dr's! I can relate to you !!! I had a spinal fusion at two levels and immedialty after the surgery my legs hurt so bad I was screaming and that was 4 years ago and no change!! I have also have fibro.


mbern333 - January 6

I was diagnosed with fibro 13 years ago. About 6 months ago the pain and symptoms were at a point that I could not just "get by" and basically ignore them. I told my doc that I was ready to get on one of the fibro drugs but that I could not work with brain fog (paralegal/notary). I researched the recommended drugs and decided on Cymbalta. I took about 6 weeks to get comfortable with the drug and to find the dosage that I am feel is working. Most docs start with 30mg a day. That made me feel drunk. I asked to take 20mg a day (which a 20mg is recommended 2x daily). I began 20mg a day and it did not make me feel anything strange. My pain was better but still some days/nights would come back. I am now taking 20mg morning & night and the fibro is much better and I do not feel drugged. The docs may tell you that it does not come in 20mg because the drug reps do not tell them but you can educate your doc as I did and request to try the regimine. Most of the time I no longer have that awful leg pain at night.


Fantod - January 6

Hi Liquid_Niki - Has your doctor considered that what you may be experiencing is nerve pain. Nerve pain and Fibromyalgia (FMS) are common. I have a lot of problems with pain in my legs. My problem is caused by degenerative disc disease. I take gabapentin at night so I sleep off some of the side effects.

Another culprit may be that your muscles are twitching or sramping while you are sleeping which would make your calf muscles really sore. You might try going to the health food store and picking up some malic acid tablets. I take 825 mg a day to control twitching and cramps. If you do decide to take malic acid make sure you undersrand how to use it and any risks associated with its use. Take care.


joeyg - February 11

{I was wondering if anybody expierences pain in legs down to feet? when you try to get to sleep you seem you can not get comfortable.}

I know this feeling. When I get into bed, especially in winter, the pain is unbearable, sometimes. If I stretch my legs out I have a hard time bending them after a while. If I bend them, then it is hard for me to straighten them out!This all started with me in 2003 in the middle of the night I woke up with my body on fire! The pain was excruciating. My husband took me to the ER and they could not understand what was happening. My blood pressure was 198/95. The doctor said that my blood pressure was so high because of my pain. They finally gave me something for the pain. They took all sorts of blood tests and all were normal except my SED rate was 48. Normal was around 10. So that showed there was inflamation in my body. Well Yea! The burning went away but the pain in my legs is still with me every moment of my life. I have been to many doctors and no one can tell me what is wrong. Some say Fibromyalgia and some say Osteo arthritis and one doctor said he didn't think I was in as much pain as I claimed. Nobody knows what it is but they don't want to admit 'I DON'T KNOW' I pray that someday I will find someone who will say "I know what it is and we can treat with such and such medication!"
God Bless all of you who suffer as I do.


xhaustd - February 15

I have chronic leg pain also. I've been tested for everything under the sun!! The only outcome was restless leg syndrome. My legs hurt 24/7. They seem to hurt worse when it's cold. Sometimes i can't walk very well because of it. When i walk it looks like I"m shuffling!!! I am trying to make light of it because if I don't......I'll be crying. The pain is horrific!
I also hurt all over my body.....24/7. Just when i think the pain can't get does.
I hope you get a diagnosis......I didn't really. Just the RLS] and now I don't have any meds for that. Lost my job and my now I can't even go to the doctor.......sorry about my whining......
Hope all have a good day


LindaK1947 - February 18

I have severe pain in my legs where I have to use a cane to get around-sometimes it even seems my skin hurts-having trouble finding someone to diagnois Fibromyalgia-but have ruled out everything else-over the counter pain killers don't seem to help at all-can't get into the bathtub anymore and hot showers just don't cut it-I also have several other health problems and wonder if they aggravate my Fibromyalgia symptoms -Thyroid and Diabetes-does anyone else have these problems--Thanks


Jesusgirl - February 25

You are not too young. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 30 years old by a Rheumatologist on my first visit. I had already been to my regular doctor. I have pain in my hands, muscle pain in my whole body, I have all of the 18 tender points, extreme fatigue, TMJ, the irritable bowel that's part of it, trouble sleeping, and even numbness in my left hand. I've since developed ridged nails, gum and mouth pain, headaches, dropping things, sensitity to cold,and leg pain. Try another Rheumatologist. :)



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