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Chronic Leg Pain
114 Replies
Shelley - November 12

I am so happy I founf this site. I also was diagnoised with Fibro about 2 years ago. I am 52. My biggest p0roblem at this point is the pain from my hips to my ankles. I thought I was alone in this. I wake screaming with pain. My pain is all the way down my legs but seems to get the knees also. Glad to have found everyone. Good health.


Dawn - November 17

I was wondering if anybody expierences pain in legs down to feet? when you try to get to sleep you seem you can not get comfortable.


Kellie - November 20

I have been diagnosed with fibro about 6 months ago after a million tests. Mine started with severe headaches, neck aches, shoulder and upper back and arm. These were the only pain spots, now after a year of the same pain I have started getting severe pain in my lower back, buttox and all the way down my legs. It has been hurting to walk and has me in tears. Can fibro pain move from one area to another or could this be another problem. My doctor dismissed it as fibro pain but I am worried it could be somthing else. Could anyone give me advice. Thanks!!!!


Jean - November 21

I am coming to the conclusion that these leg pains and burning sensatons are part of a type of siezure, myoclonic seizures and this is why some doctors are prescribling meds such as neuroton and keppra and I'm on klonipin. I stil say get everything ruled out and get our glands and hormones cheked out because if they are out of sink with your system it can cause reprocussions. Diabetes for one can cause the burning pain in your feet and legs. Severe cramping of the calves and thighs could be mimicing lack of iron or B-12.Menapause is another factor to consider with you ladies of 40-50 something years of age. Anemia can also cause mimic type symptoms. So talk to your doctor, one who listens, and get these things ruled out. If you hae Fibro and I hope you don't it will still be around after the testing. Thyroid is another hormone to check out. An Endocrinologist is the best kind a physician to get these types of tests ruled out. hopes this helps. I've in it with all of you just as well.


Lori - November 22

Appears that this is one of the major symptoms from reading everyone's emails. I too have severe pain in my calves and feet. Seems like the muscle becomes rock hard and I cannot even flex my foot to walk. Now the bottoms of my feet feel like they are raw when I walk. I have had plantar fasciitis several times and the podiatrist says that is common for fibromyalgia suffers. I cannot believe the number of us who are suffering and I feel for each of you. The other night my husband woke me up and told me I was moaning in my sleep and I was keeping him awake. I could not believe he did this...I was moaning in my sleep because I apparently was in so much pain. If only someone would recognize this and help us find relief :(


Jean - November 22

Try going to webmd and type in plantar fascitis and it will give you all possibilities why you are having the pain in your feet. It is also an inflamation of the foot Fibromyalgia's definition is overworked or over use so I can see why your doctor mentioned Fibromyalgia but it is not inflamatory.Fibromyalgia is more like rheumatism.


iLi - December 9

Hi, I just discovered this site today and I just wanted say that I've had a similar type of leg pain for sometime as well along with feeling as if the tingling, creepy sensations...and I was diagnosed with RLS (restless leg syndrome)I hope this helps.


Lynette - December 12

I have fibro also. Chronic leg pain is my very worst complaint. I can hardly stand it and it is constant. The leg pain started in my low legs and now radiates to above my knees near my thighs. I wish I could tell you it would go away but I can tell you that you are not the only one.


Lynette - December 12

Have you tried Ultracet? That is the only thing that relieves some of my leg pain. Vicodin and other meds did not even touch the pain.


cinndergirl - December 16

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a leg. I know it sounds stupid but my leg hurts so bad all the time. First they blamed my leg pain on the herniated discs in my back L5-S1. Now after all these years a neurologist finally saw me and after an MRI of my spine and Brain (to rule out MS) they have diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I am very surprised at how similar the symptoms are between MS and fibromyalgia. My PCP didn't even think much about my pain until I lost my short-term memory. Then He sent me to the neurologist. I have been complaining about my leg hurting, pins and needles, hurt right to the bone hurt. It does give me comfort to know that I am not alone.


Donna K. - December 30

I had bad muscle spasms in my legs at night. I actually found out that this was a result of diabetes, and once I started medication, it stopped


Kelly - January 4

I am viviting this site for the first time today I was diagnosed with fibro late 2004 and then listened to the DR.S when i figured out they were not helping me with their BS meds i decided to ask God to help me help myself and i am sitting on this site jaw dropped i have already read and answered a number of peoples questions as well as asking my own i am 34 and so far the symptoms which seem to be putting me out of commission are the same ones other people asked about and drew me to answer to let them know i fell that way also most of them i am finding are in their early thirties i have the same God alful leg pain i describe it to my mom as "I feel like my legs are bleeding from the inside" I dont know how else to explain it it is very very painful and makes it hard to get up somtimes this is what works for me when the "bleeding" sensation and pain is crippling me it sounds crazy but if it didnt help or it made it worse i couldnt do it. I grab my walkman and go for the fastest walk of my life i walk till i cant anymore i get home rest awhile and i find the pain lets up it hurts bad to get walking at first im not kidding i push through it and am better for it i hope this has helped even if it only lets you know your not alone.


Jean - January 5

Hello everyone: I have the leg pain too and it dosn't go away. I find you have to keep moving whether it hurts or not. Stretching everyday helps. Keeping stress levels down helps. Sleeping all night helps. Yet, you still can have another condition that mimics this problem and you need to get everything ruled out and it will take time to do this. Patience is the essence of success in managing this condition and you can not do it alone. Your medical team has to be there with you to help and understand and you will be involved with several doctors before all is said and done but keep positive as Kelly is trying to and the rest of us and hopefully in time we should have answers about this condition FMS/CMP
Stay positive everyone..


Lauren - January 16

Hi. I am 32 yrs. old. I have two daughters, ages 3 and 13. I have had FM for 7 1/2 yrs. I have been to so many different kinds of doctors, pt's, chiropractors, etc....I finally gave up on all of them. Nothing helps. I have had the leg pains for about 6 months now. I am very thankful after all of these years of having FM that I haven't had this until now. I thought the pain in my back, shoulders, and arms were horrible, but I lived through it. Now that it is in my legs...well you all know what its like. Its especially hard with a 3 yr. old! Its so tough to keep up with her. Benadryl to sleep, ibuprofen and aleve for pain...yeah right! I do not take prescriptions any more. Nothing works and it is too expensive. Let me know when that miracle drug comes out! I might just give it a try. I live in North Carolina, if any of you are from around my neck of the woods, feel free to email so we can figure out how to fight this without the use of quacky doctors and crappy meds!


penny - January 21

i have had fm for 12 years now. its the leg pain is horrible i use to love sport i use to be in all the sports teams and loved just getting out and running. i have trouble working most days, i stand for 8 hours a day 6 days a week and i am just in so much pain i need to just lie down when i get home and sleep. i find that when i sleep it relaxes me and i am not so sore any more. alwasy in pain but the intensity is not there any more. i get it so bad sometimes i wake up crying (without knowing it) it is hard and i am only 22 and i feel like my body is about to give up on me. but i get through it. some days are worse then others and life inst alwasy fun. i just want to be normal. thats all i want. but whats normal now days right? hope you feel better soon


Teacher_Kathy - April 29

I have the leg pain too. The side of my knee hurts so bad I can't bend it and shoots down into the bottom of my foot through my calf. One leg is much worse than the other. I had chest and back pain so bad that before I was diagnosed with fibro, they put me in ICU and told me I was having a heart attack. You are not alone with chronic leg pain so please don't be scared. It is also getting me down and I am afraid I am going to have to quit working because of my immobility. I took Celebrex and it helped for a while, but now I take both Celebrex and Tylenol and it doesn't relieve the pain. I am hoping it is just an episode and will go away. The doctor tried me on Neurontin, but it made me even more tired than what I already am and I couldn't stand that. I'm 51 and have had fibro for four years. I am hoping for a cure in my lifetime. I have lost two jobs so far because of the illness. All we can do is just keep pluggin on day to day till they find an answer. I will remember you in my prayers!



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